Just Because: A Tribute to Rachel Bilson

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A recent poll conducted by In Touch Magazine named the lovely Rachel Bilson the best-dressed star in Hollywood. That's all the reason and more for The Hollywood Gossip staff to pay tribute to the star of The OC on this Tuesday morning.

Just because. Any girl who can still look cute while wearing half a sweater gets full marks from us. We're particularly big fans of these outfits below:

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

Truth be told, there are no bad Rachel Bilson pictures. But we found a few that we thought were worth sharing. Cute, funny and talented, and perhaps best of all, great looking without being anemically thin, Rachel is one of our all-time faves. Another is Jennifer Garner!


my god.they look like teaser shots from penthouse.is this the type of look you would want yr own daughter to have/emulate?
its just soft porn.
shes a smart girl. a shame her p.r people dont demand classier shots.


hey I like how she is! do you know her e-mail or some please to write to her? please answer! Me and my sister would love to write to her thanks!


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Rachel Bilson Short Hair
Rachel Bilson is an actress who used to star on The OC. That show sucked big time in its last 2-3 years but she stole every scene. Now,... More »
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