Jessica and Ashlee Simpson: Attack of the Red Lipstick

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Anna Nicole Smith is the red menace.

But it looks as though the Simpsons sister are giving the possible son-murderer a run for her rosey money.

Jessica Simpleton

Seen here, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson are leaving dinner together last night. You can tell the siblings are tight because they're wearing the same color lipstick.

Fortunately - or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint - Ashlee's boobs remained covered for the evening by a nice scarf.

The elder sister, meanwhile, appears to be holding her liquor a bit better on this night out than she was in this Jessica Simpson picture.


I am going to guess the one in the green striped shirt. I have exontsiens, so I think I am good at recognizing them. She has alot of volume and the curls are in individual pieces. There is also a line going sideways across her scalp, idk if that is a hair band but her hair just seems very perfect. But a person wouldn't know she had exontsiens unless you told them


yea umm ok what up with hari but u do guy still look amazing


Even if they do wear 'ratty hair extensions'
They still look amazing :).


oh i don't know what to say about's not good lookng.BUT you're not ugly


her hair could be brushed


Yeah, the red lipstick and the ratty hair extensions!!! They should be ashamed of themselves for wearing cheap fake hair. They can afford to upgrade. Its obvious the hair around their neck and shoulders is ratty fake hair.

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