J. Lo Defends Scientology, Posh Not Buying it

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Jennifer Lopez has jumped to the defense of TomKat's wedding â€" and religion.

"[The wedding] was a great celebration of their love," J. Lo told a Florida TV station. "It was good. It was beautiful."

Greeting Her Fans

The singer/actress raised eyebrows when at the star-studded nuptials in Italy â€" and started speculation that she's considering converting to Scientology, the religion embraced by Tom Cruise, as well as Lopez's friend, King of Queens star Leah Remini.

But Jennifer Lopez doesn't need the stars to show her the Scientology ropes: her father is a member, and she's irked that people ridicule the cult religion.

"I, myself, am Catholic," Lopez said. "My dad has been a Scientologist for 20 years. It's weird people want to paint it in a negative way."

Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham is telling pals she has no intention of joining Scientology, despite her close friendship with Cruise and Katie Holmes.

"There's no way I'd spend any money on that nonsense," she told a friend recently.

Says a friend of Posh's:

"It's laughable that there's even talk of her becoming a Scientologist. Just because people are friends doesn't mean they do everything they do. Scientology is an expensive religion; Victoria is too cheap to convert."

Not sure we buy the bit about it being pricey. This chick shops hard. But we definitely buy the bit about being nonsense - that's a given.

And even the $250M deal David Beckham signed with the L.A. Galaxy wouldn't be enough to ward off Xenu, the evil space emperor central to Scientology. Really.


So Greg,
What is Scientology about? It's certainly not about science, because science and religion/beliefs have nothing in common. Is it not true that you have to pay to even find out what the beliefs of Scientology are? And once you've paid, you are hooked because you invested. You can get back your investment by luring more people into Scientology. Basically, it's just a combination of a pyramid scheme with a religion.


That last line indicates a complete ignorance of what Scientology is or stands for. These stories are stuff noobs kick around on the Internet to deride Scientology. It's like saying that Christianity is about learning to walk on water, or about actually eating the body of Jesus every Sunday - in other words, ignorant and nasty ways to depict something you don't understand at all.

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