Indignant Kate Middleton Reacts to Parking Ticket

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The lovely Kate Middleton might hate the fact that the press is stalking her. In fact, she might even be preparing to sue the paparazzi if it keeps up. But deep down, she's already feeling a little bit like royalty.

We all know what she was thinking when she got a parking ticket recently. This kind of thing doesn't happen to the girlfriend of Prince William, the heir to the British throne!

A Royal Wave

Alas, Kate's jumping the gun a little in her thought process. The Prince has yet to propose to her despite rumors he was contemplating marriage, and besides, our boy William is currently third in line for the crown, behind the Queen Elizabeth and his father, Prince Charles.

So pay the ticket, Kate, and don't get ahead of yourself. But we're glad to see you and Wills patch things up after his recent drunken escapades. Know who else needs to patch things up? The cast members of Grey's Anatomy. Man, if the Golden Globe Awards taught us anything, it's that gay slurs are really great for cast bonding.

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Hemmmmmm what a beautifull princess...


Look, the guy's simply NOOOOOT ready to settle down. Let'im party, skanks or what-nots. If Kate is insulted or tired of waiting, she always has the option of simply leaving and moving on. I know I wouldn't put up with all that shit, 'cause I love myself, EVEN if the guy happened to be a Prince!!


Kate is a Princess, even if she is not with Willy, she was born one, she does not have to marry a prince to become one.
But, he might have been better off marrying Class like her, than dabbling with skanks like the girls at the party