Evan Rachel Wood Dating... Marilyn Manson

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Romances involving Marilyn Manson have never been ordinary. Then again, nothing about Marilyn Manson could be deemed normal.

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    Although I am a fan of dita and I cannot stand even rachel wood or anything about her.. he looks happier with her(erw). Clearly you can see the difference emotionally with erw as opposed to dita.


    umm. Dita is a whore. Like, srsly. Get a life you fat FAIL goff.


    umm.. if you relly didnt care dont post things.
    dita is the best.


    Cyberarguments. It's funny when strangers get upset over nothing.


    I CARE! It really erks me when people claim to not "care" or not follow his personal life. If that were true, my friend, you would not have clicked on this story, read the article and bothered to make a comment if you "didn't care." Save the attempt to look cool in the real world for your lack of caring to try and impress the people who give a rat's ass.

    And I do doubt him to this day but am infact a fan. He's been higher and more drunk then he EVER has been. This girl is just a rebound and when she turns 20, the "teen shock" won't be there anymore so she'll be in the trash like the rest just in time for a new era.


    Ahhhhh........I love it. Pointless arguments about a cacaphony of social misfits. I never doubted Manson "forgot" whoever got him wherever he is today. I'm not losing sleep over that, nor do I care. I do agree with your use of the adjective "freak" in reference to dear old Marilyn. That's very observant of you. And yes, I think my previous point made a good deal of "sence". Anyway, does anyone really care? Dita is considerably better off without her posturing, lurching ex-gorgon. And no, I'd rather not kiss your bum. It's obviously a prime source of turbulent flatulence. Very unappealing expectation, but thanks for the offer.


    This does make sence moron. Its sad a stupid girl is about to get her heart broken by a freak. And he does forget who got him where he is today so kiss my ass stupid


    hee hee......that last comment is funny cause it makes no sense. Sad that we are all "exsistening" in a world where people care what Marylin Manson (stupid name) does. He's 38. He's feeling old. He's still suffering from being an outcast. He's hiding behind 12 pounds of makeup and a train of increasingly younger wannabes. Poor "Marylin". Go wash your face.


    homewreckers dont' become president.


    look you gyes are a nice couple cuz marlin manson isent realy like that he does it cuz its his job

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