Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern Pictures for Sale!

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Name your price.

That's basically the message Anna Nicole Smith has been sending to tabloids across the country, says a source, as she exploits her daughter's cuteness for financial gain.

Birkhead, Baby!

"After she sold footage and photos of the birth to a TV show, she starting seeing that child as a cash cow," says the insider of Anna and Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.

"Howard K. Stern [Smith's lawyer and the man whom she claims is the father of the baby] takes the pictures and they sell them to the highest bidder."

Well, sure. Those millions Stern received from marrying an old, rich dude a few yeasrs ago can only go so far. Kind of like her lies about Dannielynn's actual father.

A paternity test has been mandated by January 23 for the menace. By that date, the real baby's daddy, Larry Birkhead, should be revealed. Until then, he's speaking out against his greedy former partner.

"I'm outraged that they're trying to pimp my daughter," Birkhead said. "If Anna wants to sell pictures of herself, that's one thing, but to conveniently put my daughter in every single photo to up the ante is sick and disgusting."

The Hollywood Gossip agrees, but wonders: Who would ever buy Anna Nicole Smith pictures?


i am so happy for larry birkhed, i think this is very good foe dannielyne and i think all of the media frenzy will die down now that she will be with her real father and away from people that just want her for the money


That poor innocent baby is so young, but already
has had enough media chasing, money hungry
people after her. Can't someone think of her
well being. CPS should be called in and find a
solution to this problem, if more problems arise
once the DNA tests results are announced.


anna nicoles life was full of mysteries. the media bothered her in her life and after her sons death said that she killed him. now that she is dead why cant people just let her rest in peace. seriously, would you want people saying that you killed your son or that you starved you newborn daughter because you "wanted her to be sexy?" come on now. shes dead. leave her alone.


Who was a better mother Anna Nicole or Virgie Arthur? Anna loved drugs more than her daughter, Virgie loved her daughter more than drugs. Also, CPS should take that baby away from Howard Stern. Howard didn't care about the baby's well being even before she was born; he was laughing and filming her drugged up mother while she was endagering the baby's life. Matthew 15:4


I think it is really sad that anyone would try and make money on a innocent child. We all know there are sick people in this world, some of them choose to show it publicly. Also any person who sells and the people who buys the pictures should be ashamed of exploiting Dannielynn. God watch over her and keep her safe.


Everyone needs to BOYCOTT the Bahamas until they agree to do the right thing for Dannielynn and order DNA testing. This is the most important time of her life and she needs to bond with her real dad!!!

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