Chris Ivery Helps Feed a Shrinking Ellen Pompeo

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Ellen Pompeo needs food - stat!

Fortunately, her doting finace is on the case.

Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery Photo

As seen here, Chris Ivery goes all out to make sure the love of his life doesn't completely disappear.

The recently engaged couple has just finished grocery shopping, hopefully focusing on high protein items that will prevent Pompeo from pulling a Jessica Alba or Nicole Richie on her fans.

They're real thin!

As huge fans of her show, The Hollywood Gossip staff hopes the Grey's Anatomy actress fills out her scrubs a bit more during the season's second half.

How else will she hold on to the love of Patrick Dempsey, er, McDreamy?


I wish I was that skinny, I'm 14, 5'2" and 1/2 And 95 lbs! I almost weigh as much as her!!


The sad thing is that she's skeletal and people are defending that. Also, they expect us to believe that she's as young as the other interns on the show, and she is not. If she had some weight on her, she would look younger, but as it is, she looks every bit her 41 years of age. It's very sad what we do to females of all ages with this obsession with skeletal looking women and girls. At 5' 7" and 100 pounds, she should be a poster child for how not to look. It's dangerous to get that skinny, and it's dangerous how many people support and defend that skeletal frame.


I think that when you work 16 hour days for a living, you're bound to have some premature stress and age lines. And I mean, with a job like that, who isn't going to be stressed out. I'm a student, and while I am definitely not anorexic, I find that I don't eat much during the day, and most at night, simple because I don't have time to eat. I think that people just need to take into account all the facts before they start judging her. She looks thin (because she has a small body type) and she looks haggard (but still beautiful) because she works like hell. Give her a break!


Well i can say by her look that she has something goin on , you can see it by that, that she doesn`t have colour in her face and she looks tired she may not have anorexia put she eats too little anyway.


Well, she is very thin. She is skinny. But i think, by her body shape, you can tell she is naturally that thin, she would look out of proportion with a bigger body however, i won't say she does not make me green with envy that she is that thin. I am naturally big and i hate it. But i am not going to become anorexic to look like her. or other skinny celebs that i admire. i will just spend my life wishing i was like her. She is a great actress. She comes across in real life as a bit of a bitch but who isnt a bitch? Leave her alone people. And you, who said 'nothing to be jelous of' .. when you are 37 and look that amazing and have piles and piles of money and a great bf and are an excellent actor (or just a pro at ur job) and have a great job, then i will beleive YOU have nothing to be jelous of her for.


Okay...that is such a gay post. THEY ARE NOT REAL THIN. get a life...seriously.


look, personaly I think she's NOT anorexic, libby, your the one mentioning it and impliying something serious, i agree, but in a cruel manner and making asumtions that your prof is people have seen her not eat. people have seen her eat on set and not exactly one fry to keep her from passing out.and another thing your not pulling a very strong argument by busting on her looks.not to mention acting like blah was are jelous..blah, youre just a little absessed.


No one is jealous of her for one. She has nothing to be jealous of. On top of that, anorexia is not naturally thin. It is a serious illness, and she does need some help. Several people have spotted her at restaurants, not eating, just sitting there watching her friends eat. Being a drawn up, skinny old hag is not awesome. She needs a lot of work. Her face is prematurely wrinkled, which comes from a poor diet. Stop encouraging eating disorders. She looks a MESS!!


you can say what you want but ellen pompeo is most sertantly NOT to thin she is just natural thin you can see that by just looking at her you guys re just jealous of her leave her alone she is AWESOME!!!!

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