Cameron Diaz Takes a Holiday with Kelly Slater

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Kelly Slater has two things going for him:

  1. His name is the combination of two well-liked Saved by the Bell characters.
  2. He's seen Cameron Diaz naked.

He's also a world champion surfer or something.

Cameron Diaz Supports Shrek

But the news here is that he's been shacking up with the recent ex of Justin Timberlake on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

The two have been friends for years; Slater even appeared on Diaz's MTV show "Trippin" in 2005.

JT, of course, is rumored to be bedding Scarlett Johansson, but we assume he's still bothered by this news. Break-ups are never easy.

Just ask Jennifer Wilson and Lorenzo Borghese.


I rather not have any music waehsoevtr. I rather have Peter Townend or Ian Cairns do a heat by heat analysis like they did on ESPN. I need the wave score, who won the heat, who lost etc. I was raised up doing contest surfing and stupid highlights like these esp at the ASP level is retarded. Kelly Sater, Taylor Knox, Shane Beschen, Tom Curren, Tom Carroll do not listen to this kind of stuff and they surf circles around your pot smoking people you call real surfers .

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