Brooke Hogan is a Giant

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Back when Hulk Hogan was a full-time wrestler, he often took on Andre the Giant.

Now, it appears as though he's raised his daughter to look just like that behemoth.

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Take a look for yourself. We're not sure who the girl standing next to Brooke Hogan is - but we do know that the talentless singer towers over this woman like the shroud of mystery looming above Jayden James Federline.

We also know that Brooke has cheap taste in shoes.

And that her father wants to beat up David Hasselhoff.


Tall girls rule! If you don't think so then you are a fool!


The person next to her is obviously short, just look at her short chubby legs. And what do you prefer? Short chubby legs or long slim legs? How can you even criticize a tall woman? Most women would die to be her height. She's only 180 which is right within the limits of how tall a womsn should be. Most models are around that height or even taller! Anything between 175-180 is the perfect female height!


i am 4feet 11 and wish i was even 5feet 2 but i wouldn't want to be 5 feet 10/11,cos that's huge if you are from a country like Ghana where even guys around 5 feet 10/11 are considered tall.but neither will i ever i pick on another person because of their height and looks.that is cruel cos no one chooses which way they want to look and who their parents are to determine what genes they folks love yourselves cos you all you got and no matter how displeased you may be with yourself there's someone out there who wish they were like you.


Tall girls rock. Everyone knows it, just not everyone admits it.


Do you see a migget walking down the model cat walk noo! do you see a migget in magazines, noo! are you the famous onee? Nooo! Brooke is amazingg! im 5'10 and sometimes i would like to be smaller, however i wouldnt pick on someone bigger then me, would you?


And one more thing, if you are making fun of Brooke Hogan's height, then what about all of the GORGEOUS female models out there who are 5'10 and up for the most part...if being a giant means to look like Heidi Klum or Claudia Schiffer, than you better believe I'd take being a "giant" any day. Find something better to do with your time besides criticizing other people's appearances. Short, tall, whatever anyone's height is, is the way they are born. People are all beautiful no matter what the height.


It is sooo sad that people can be so cruel and judgemental about anyone's appearances. I think Brooke is very beautiful and there are many who wish they could be as tall as her. I don't think people realize how hurtful they are actually being when they comment on another person. Do you have any idea the impact you can make on someone's self esteem and how they feel about themselves on a daily basis just because you feel like knocking them down for God knows what reason? To make yourself feel better? To earn a buck for your stupid articles/tabloids? Get over it. Tall is a good thing. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. There isn't one set of standards for "beautiful". It's really sad someone would take a minute out of their time time to knock someone's height. Whoever wrote this article is no better than anyone else walking this earth. Who is anyone to judge another.


i think lauren who wrote the nasty comment about brooke shud shut up maybe ur jelous of her
i fink she is great for a role model + is great @ her music


Brooke Hogan is not a giant AT ALL !
I think that she is absolutley stunning.
I myself am 5.10 - 5.11
Why should anyone care :S
How sad !


she is only 5ft 11 and looks great im 6ft 2 so i aint got any problems

Brooke Hogan Biography

Brooke and her Cleavage Brooke Hogan is the daughter of a very famous wrestler. She has an awful singing voice and maybe even worse taste in fashion. Brooke does... More »
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Brooke Hogan

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I thought we were one of the normal Hollywood families. It's crazy watching it all fall apart, but I hope for the best.

Brooke Hogan

I know if I was 48-years-old, I wouldn’t date a 19-year-old. I just don’t feel it’s her. And through all this stuff, I really need my mom, and she’s doing her own thing. I don’t talk to her anymore.

Brooke Hogan
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