Britney Spears Pining For Justin Timberlake?

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The only thing happy these days about the troubled Britney Spears would be the Happy Meals she's picking up from McDonalds (below, left).

But will the walking train wreck try to right her own quickly-sinking ship by rekindling her love for an old flame?

Britney Spears, Jason Trawick Shirtless

Sources say Britney has been trying to phone her pre-FedEx ex, who goes by the name of Justin Timberlake. But he ain't callin' back.

Justin is reportedly not high on the idea of running it back with Britney. You know who else isn't? Cameron Diaz. When she got wind of the calls, she didn't like it one bit - and has even gone so far as to try to get through to Britney's reps to ask her to stop calling JT.

Too bad Brit's manager, Larry Rudolph, doesn't do anything.

One can't blame Cameron for being a little put out, but you don't see her phoning Jessica Biel now, do you? Or maybe you do. We don't want to jump to conclusions here.

Over the weekend, the paparazzi caught Britney engaged in a few of her favorite pastimes. No, not barfing on Isaac Cohen - carrying several small objects and killing herself slowly but surely with the substances she ingests.

The mother of two with the enormous breasts and trouble staying sober was seen going into a recording studio with Marlboro lights, Red Bull and McDonald's grub - a combination that will be known heretofore as the WTBOC (white trash breakfast of champions).

Later, she was spotted carrying some other small items - namely her baby sons Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline! Check out the Jayden James pictures we were able to find! They're not grainy at all!

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they are real couple


i hope that britney and justin will come back together...
they really cute together..
i don't like the new gf of justin..


i believe they were meant to be from the start and get well


i wish that they could go back together because they make a great coupple


hello ilove you kiss.


i think you should back to gether


too late Britney is messed up. Look at Justin,he's still young and fresh not unlike britney.if only they make up with each other.


i love brit and justin back together.
im a fan of britney since grade school and now i stiil love her...
gogogo britney


I agree with sandie - Justin, Britney really needs a good friend right now. You've been there for each other since the Mickey Mouse Club're someone she can trust and depend on. Please help the girl!!!


I really wish that Britney and Justin get together! I believe that they belong together. I believe that they are meant to be. I hope and pray that God directs them back and this time it will be forever. Justin if you read this forgive and give Britney a chance. We all make mistakes. But you are good for her and you can help her through her difficult time. I am sure I am not the only person who believes this.