Britney Spears' New Man ID'd: Isaac Cohen

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As we reported yesterday, Britney Spears took to the high seas of the Pacific last weekend with a new mystery man who can only be described as a cross between Kevin Federline and... some dirtbag who owns a sweet boat.

The mother of Sean Preston and Jayden James - who she may not even be able to recall the looks of these days - spent some quality time with a young, well-built sailor.

Such White Trash

The man has been identified by embattled celeb blogger Perez Hilton as Isaac Cohen, a 25-year-old Los Angeles native who is an actor and a model, though the only credits we can find for him are three episodes of Project Runway.

Little is known about Isaac Cohen at this time, including whether he and Britney are an item, or whether he will soon fall off the map (so to speak) like J.R. Rotem.

Speaking of which, wonder what that guy is up to right now.

In any case, Isaac Cohen and Britney Spears seemed to have a blast, engaging in the time-honored activities of punding Coronas, slathering each other in suntan lotion and, of course, chain smoking like fiends. Classy. See below.

As you can see, Brit managed, once again, to leave the house with no pants, and after painting just two of her five fingernails. But who's counting.


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Anyone that goes out with Britney, will get slammed by the media. Isaac needs to think of how going out with Britney will affect his career. There will be positive and negative to it. Britney, needs to get a better PR (damage control) and go along with the advice. She has made decisions that have affected her career. She can still salvage her career but she'll have to make changes in order to do so.


Um..."single mother of two doing the best she can." ?? You gotta be kidding. The average "single mother of two out doing the best she can" doesn't go out partying til she passes out every night with Paris Hilton, go running around with no underwear and letting the paparazzi take pictures of their crotch for all of America (including children and the younger potential fanbase) to see, dating new guys before she's even divorced from her husband and using the "finally free" statement as an excuse!! She is disgusting, and a TERRIBLE role model and example to all women and girls everywhere. She is NOT a good singer whatsoever...she is an acceptable dancer if you think stripper moves are called "talent". She does them well. As for her vocals and songs: She is a STUDIO product. She is sickening and it's a shame our country's talent industry has sunk to such levels that they allow someone like this to be in the entertainment industry.


You mean to tell me that a K-Fed impersonator is only in it for love, pulllleeeeaaazzzee!!!!! This "never was" will be on WWE Raw wrestling his "twin" next year.


I think everyone should just leave Britney alone. If this new guy doesn't work out, so what? She's a super talented person who everyone is still looking at as someone who is still in her "Baby one more time" era. She's a single mother of two probably doing the best she can. She'll get through this ok. Keep your head up Britney.


I've known Isaac my whole life, our families are close friends, although we don't really hang out much any more I still know that he's a really good guy and has always been. I know for a fact that this is not a publicity stunt nor does he have any intentions other than that he has met a potential good girl (in his eyes) and that he deserves nothing but the best. Britney is really lucky, mabye he'll spank the skank out of her.


he hot than justin for sure.sorry justin,i love you but u make me want to kick u ass.go britney!!


I met Isaac several years ago; he was a smart, sensitive guy who just happens to have a fantastic look. He takes care of himself (absent social smoking) and has great friends. Britney is lucky to be dating him and although there is no denying the opportunity this could bring to his career, I think it could also bring some stability to hers.

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