Columbus Short Almost Stomped Britney's Yard

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So to speak. If you thought Isaac Cohen had a stranglehold on the "Random Dudes Linked Romantically to Britney Spears" category, well, you best think again.

Britney, Sean and Jayden

Sir Isaac might be her most recent fling, but according to TMZ, back in 2003, actor Columbus Short was involved with Britney - and while his wife was 7 months pregnant.

Sound like anyone you know?

The choreographer-turned-actor, who is promoting his new film, Stomp the Yard, was recently asked by entertainment reporter Jawn Murray how it feels to have a life that didn't go the way of Kevin Federline.

So to speak.

Noticeably taken aback by the inquiry, Columbus Short replied:

"I believe in my talent ... not to diss Kevin, he's a boy of mine ... I'm grateful in the career decisions that I've made and God directing my path."

Wow. You heard it here first: God hates Britney Spears.

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He's fyn..nothing hectic, just appreciating


Oh Lawd, Columbus, you've got me thinking thoughts i have no business thinking, and from halfway across the world too (fans herself). But thank God for Christ. (lol). I 've seen Stomp the yard like a thousand times. You really made your character, DJ, come alive. And that is what good actors are made of. I hope you have a wonderful career and family life like Will Smith and Denzel Washington. And i hope u are equally nice off screen because i've read some comments about you that werent nice at all. But i know it's stupid to believe everything you read. I've seen your other movies too- and i must say you do wonderful things for a uniform. Keep up the good work and stay blessed. And just one last thing:
i'd drive all night
to get to you.....
I'd drive all night,
creep in ur room,
wake u from ur sleep to.... Hope i dont sound like a brazen hussy.... Lol. Lagos, Nigeria.


columbus u rock i saw stomp the yard a thausand times iand i still watch it i love u


cloumbus short is super hot i love him so much


what ever britney spears wit your stakin self all though i am young that dont mean nothing i am cloumbus short biggest fan im mean that to when i say that i mean that britney speras can kiss her dreams good bye because she cant have my husband never ever ever in her dreams naw let me see something else like this i gon go ham again on who ever


i dont care about u dating brittany i lov u sooo much in every movie this chrismas and in stomp the yard them other girls are hating because we will be dating in the year 2010 lov u baby c u in a year


definety going places


definety going places


boy u r so cute i am ahuge fan u look so sexy in this chrismas i lov u u should let come to ur after party if u have one.


Hey you are my favorite fan and i really like you we need to meet somerwhere cause i look just like Laren London.............................................................................................

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