Anna Nicole Smith, Larry Birkhead: The Instant Messenger Exchange

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Why post on MySpace when you can go back and forth over Instant Messenger?

Indeed, TMZ has somehow obtained the online transcript of a recent exchange between insane person, Anna Nicole Smith, and her probable baby's daddy, Larry Birkhead.

Serious Pimp

We've posted it below, replete with spelling errors that make Courtney Love look like an English professor. Enjoy:

Anna Nicole: quit trash me at the casino
Larry: not at a casino
Anna Nicole: go f**k my mom to
Anna Nicole: Yall are sick
Larry: show up for the test with the baby\
Anna Nicole: don't think so
Anna Nicole: u wish
Larry: everybody just want u to do right thing is all
Anna Nicole: in your dreams

So many questions to consider from this Internet chat: Are their screen names really as boring as "Anna Nicole" and "Larry?" Will Smith's lawyers successfully block the court-mandated paternity test?

Will we ever see Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern pictures? Will the baby have to change her name once Birkhead is announced at the father?

Is Anna Nicole Smith nuttier than Janice Dickinson?

Some things we may never find out.


This baby should have the right to know who her father is,,If my son died I would surely die with him..our bond is so strong that I wouldn't see a need to move on in this life..I had a terrible dysfunctional childhood,,doesn't matter how much you try to deprogram yourself,,,it sneaks up on you,,,and you are bitter,,I have struggled with drugs and alcohol for years,,,on and's just what the Universe has in store for you that matters...good luck in trying to blame anyone..she is with her son and in can't change God's plan..and all that matters now is the baby and her future...Lori


I'm not from Birkheads camp and I'm not clueless. If Howard gave a damn about Anna he would have made her get help a long time ago.If my mate was strung out on pills I would insist on getting him help and I would not give up. Yes, Anna was a grown woman and the people around addicts are called inablers.If you really love someone you help that person get help not self-destruct.


The only person to blame is Anna Nicole herself. She was a self-destructive bomb ready to explode any time. She knew it too, telling her hairstylist she would end up like Marilyn Monroe. I can't believe you all out there are trying to blame others for a grown woman. She had a mind, even though a lot of us might thing otherwise, but she made the decisions that led up to her ultimate fate. Lastly, has anyone thought about the quality of medical she received in the Bahamas? Didn't she have a C-section with her daughter? I wonder how that surgery, along with her immense depression over her son's death contributed to her death?


Anna's mother is the most unloving, cold mother I've ever seen. The woman continues after her daughters death to bad mouth her, while showing absolutly no pain for her death. At no time before or after Ann's passing has this woman ever had anything good to say about her daughter. No pride in her sucess, nothing. It is easy to understand why Anna left home at a young age. Now here comes grandma after Anna's baby which stands to inherit millions. I hope someone protects this child from her since it seems no one was able to protect Anna from from this heartless, disgusting sub human.


I would blame Howard K. Stern before I would blame Larry Birkhead. Howard was around Anna all the time and he knew how bad her drug problem was yet he continued to let her use and abuse. If he really loved her he should have gotten her help a long time ago! She needed an intervention, she needed re-hab.Larry is not a bad person, he just wanted what is rightly his, to be able to see his baby on a regular basis.

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