Anna Nicole Smith, Larry Birkhead: The Instant Messenger Exchange

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Why post on MySpace when you can go back and forth over Instant Messenger?

Indeed, TMZ has somehow obtained the online transcript of a recent exchange between insane person, Anna Nicole Smith, and her probable baby's daddy, Larry Birkhead.

Serious Pimp

We've posted it below, replete with spelling errors that make Courtney Love look like an English professor. Enjoy:

Anna Nicole: quit trash me at the casino
Larry: not at a casino
Anna Nicole: go f**k my mom to
Anna Nicole: Yall are sick
Larry: show up for the test with the baby\
Anna Nicole: don't think so
Anna Nicole: u wish
Larry: everybody just want u to do right thing is all
Anna Nicole: in your dreams

So many questions to consider from this Internet chat: Are their screen names really as boring as "Anna Nicole" and "Larry?" Will Smith's lawyers successfully block the court-mandated paternity test?

Will we ever see Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern pictures? Will the baby have to change her name once Birkhead is announced at the father?

Is Anna Nicole Smith nuttier than Janice Dickinson?

Some things we may never find out.


she g0es thr0ugh 10 milli0n a year easy with her lifestyle, b0dyguards etc...N0 M0ney????? l0l 0k ;)


everyone keeps talking about the money. she never even got the money. an appeal was filed after the judgement and her estate may never see a dime of it. kaci


I agree with the comments on Larry Birkhead by Name.March 5th, Larry Birkhead is a loser. He is not interest in Anna or the Baby. He is only making trouble to get back at Anna. Howard is the one who has been there for Anna all along. Now we find out that Anna may have had Lupus. AND IF SHE HAD LUPUS SHE NEEDED THE DRUGS TO LIVE JUST LIKE SHE TOLD LARRY! BUT NO HE HAD TO DRAG HER PRIVATE LIVE THROUGH THE MUD! WHAT TYPE OF MAN DOES THIS, A LOSER!


iI wish I could speak to Larry myself and Howard.
ITS SUCH A SAD TIME and I need them to know they did right by her the mother need a hard slap.I never met anna but in these last few weeks I can see why she left home.I hope both these men are in the babys life Anna deserves peace


Yes dan, That was a sleazy thing to do. everyone she knew is cashing in on her. name 2


Those scum bags from North Carolina so called friends of Anna Nicole
went into her house (HORIZONS) STOLE personal property personal home videos and photos give or sold them to different media outlets...and they claim they are friends!....Ford Shelly you are a big
no good person. You will have only bad luck that will come to you form now on. I hope what you did will haunt you forever!


Is Howard Stern going to continue living in the Bahamas? Did Howard ever had a girlfriend before Anna Nicole?
And, those two dogs who will take good care of them? I hope Howard will keep them and continue good care of them, as Anna Nicole
loved them dearly.


Moe, the reason Anna dumped Larry B. is b/c he was insisting she get off the meds b/c Anna had miscarried Larrys baby before she got pregnant with Dannielynn. Larry is the one that made her go to detox when she was 5 months pregnant but she walked out. Which says to me that he is the ONLY one that tried to help her.Janice, Dannielynn definetly does not have Howards nose. Just wait Janice, you're gonna find out that I'M right about who the father is.Annas hair stayed bleached all the time. If you look at old pictures of her you will see that her original hair color was much darker,AND L.B.s hair is colored and frosted. If it turns out L.B. is the real dad he has EVERY right to raise his child.He is the most decent person amongst the 3.


The baby has blue eyes and black curly hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Page 102 People magazine. Also, she has little turned up tips on her earlobes - just like Howard Stern. If that is not enough - she is not blond, but a dark brunette. Explain this.....Larry Burkhead is a reddish blond and has a face totally not shaped like Danilynn's. Also, that black, black hair cannot come from two redheads or two blonds. Someone has to have hair like Howard Stern. I have a master's in Genetics and I am a lawyer. Also, do the math. Larry Burkhead said on Larry King that he had slept with Anna on New Years eve of 2006 and then for around two weeks in January while Stern was away working on the Supreme Court case - Burkhead is a sleaze. Someone needs to do the math. The baby was not premature and Burkhead's addition would make her less than an eight month pregnancy baby. Oh well, just my observations.


Moe, I am with you one hundred percent. Everything you say is true. And when you say the media exploited Anna and was a major contributor to her death, if not the REAL REASON for her death, I believe you are correct again.
Can you say, "TMZ?" They are the real rats behind all of this.

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