Willa Ford to Face Off with Mike Modano ... for Life!

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Forget the possible engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton for a second. We have actual marriage news!

Dancing With the Stars alum Willa Ford told Us Weekly that she's engaged to NHL star Mike Modano.

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''We were out to dinner the other night, and I think he had it with him the entire night,'' said Ford, most likely talking about a ring and not the humiliation of being a professional hockey player . ''He was really nervous. Then right before we went to sleep he asked me and I said, 'Yes!'''

Of course, this is not the first time a celebrity has said "yes" to an NHL participant. Paris Hilton got it on with goalie, Jose Theodore, a few months ago.

And that's not all Ford and Hilton have in common. Each dated former Backstreet Boy and current loser, Nick Carter. In fact, he was Willa's first in bed.

(See, this is the sort of insight you can't get from that lawbreaker, Perez Hilton.)

Ford said the couple, who met at an event for the hockey star's charitable foundation, has been dating on and off for more than four years in a mostly long distance relationship. They'll get married after the current hockey season ends.

As if anyone will notice when that happens.


I knew Mike all through elementary and middle school. We would go watch him play at Lakeland Ice Arena. Played spin the bottle and all silly games. 1st kiss in 6th grade. Sooo funny to think back! As for, +illa Ford, can only wish the best life possible to my old friend, Mike.:)


I went to elementary and middle school with Willa aka Amanda or Mandy. She is a very sweet person and has always been the all around nicest girl. She wont hurt him!!! I think they make a cute couple!


I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have watched hockey my whole life and every year on my birthday we go to a game and im 14. i have had a picture with him and if he retires i will cry!!!!! and i hate willa ford. hes to good and cute for her. i mean really a playmate.


I love Mike Modano I have been a fan since I was 8 now I am 22 and I wish he would have married some one esle I hate her. She never liked hockey until him! SHE BETTER NOT HURT HIM!


I love mike modano and i have for almost 12 years. I have met him twice. He put his arm around me when i was 16 about 9 years ago and i almost fainted. we took pictures together and he signed 5 things for me. 2 stars jackets 3 posters. He is the best. and i dont like the willa ford chick AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is this really true as i hear your married to someone else and if so why do you let all this keep on .You should reveal your true love and be proud!


I love Mike! Then again I had to google her name to find out who she was. I used to dream about making it into the NHL and meeting Mike! I will one day, I will travel all the way from Australia to come and meet you! I love you! Dont let her hurt you!! xoxo


Mike is the best! Willa who? I imagine I have seen her somewhere, but seriously, I had to google her to find out who he was marrying. He belongs in Dallas! Big D is protective of Mo. She better not hurt him!


mike modano rules!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike Modano rules!! i cant say anything about willa ..never reallt paid any attention to her!!! But i go to all dallas stars home games..and se mike there..i luv him so much....and really want to meet him!!!! I luv u mke...lol....plz let me meet u ...bubi


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