Tori Spelling Holds Yard Sale; Donna Martin Graduates!

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Pity Tori Spelling. She only received $1 million or so after her father passed away.

And she doesn't exactly look like Heidi Klum when pregnant.

Tori Spelling and Family

So, what's the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star to do in order to pick up her spirit - and her bank account? Hold a yard sale, of course! You can't purchase Spelling's virginity there, of course, because David Silver took that a long time ago.

But maybe you can pick up a cheap, early copy of Tori's memoir. Or, apparently, lots of pornography.

Sadly, we don't know anything about a Tori Spelling sex tape, so that may not be an item on the lot. Perhaps Jessica Simpson will have a yard sale one day, though.


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Tori Spelling Quotes

She was a star and a true lady, and she will be missed greatly. People everywhere knew her by name. I loved when fans wanted her over me. I felt proud!

Tori Spelling [on dead dog]

I've always wanted a little girl since I'm such a girly girly. I immediately started crying. I couldn't believe it. I have my beautiful little boy and now I'll have my little girl! It's amazing.

Tori Spelling