The Sports Gal Doesn't Like Angelina Jolie

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Last week, The Sports Gal - wife of columnist, Bill Simmons - was in a festive mood.

This week, she's putting coal in the stocking of a certain celebrity. And it's not Rosie O'Donnell. To hear her say it ...

Backstabbing Jen!

I used to really like Angelina Jolie. Ever since she starred in Gia, I admired her flawless natural beauty, as well as the many character flaws that made her more likable and less threatening overall.

Maybe she was a recovering drug addict, a cutter, a brother kisser, and a blood vial-wearing skank who looked like she showered once a week, but she didn't care what others thought and was totally comfortable going out in public without tons of makeup on. So that made her likable, at least to me.

Then everything changed: She adopted Maddox, became a goodwill ambassador, started making normal movies and slowly made everyone forget that she was crazy. Next, she seduced and stole the husband of one of the most likable female celebs, adopted another baby with her stolen man, then had his biological child months before his divorce was even done.

But what really turned me into a full fledged Angelina hater was this month's Vogue article about her, with Angelina smugly pushing for peace talks between her and Jennifer Aniston, even having the gall to say, "That would be her decision, and I would welcome it."

If I were Jennifer Aniston, I would welcome it, too. Then I would meet Angelina for lunch and repeatedly smash a chair over her head.


This is a funny article. Had a great laugh.
Who care if Skankelina wore vial of blood around her neck, collected knives and cut herself with them, asks like Mother Theresa and wants to save all children??? She's a fake! She's a manipulative, hypocrite who loves attention. I don't blame people who don't like Angelina. Her behaviors are responsible for all the negative press she has received. And she'll continue to have people think of her in a negative way because we can see through her lies/deceit and know she's still a whore!


I have to say, If I were a man I would really find Angie far more atractive (from all points of view I must say) to be with than with Bimbo Jen...So what if angie's done all the crazy stuff, at least he won't get bored like he did when he was with jen.


Angie want to make Peace with Jennifer.
What a laugh. She's lucky that Jennifer didn't come and spit on her face, and also included her Ex too.


people would preferred love to hatred if
the world Doesn't have women that she can't find a single one of her own and have to walked off with other's women's men...Like Angelina Jolie. She's Goodwill Ambassador? I think NOT. She doesn't help anything, she can't make Peace She causes War!


Great article, thats the way it happened for most the women who followed her career.


Maybe the world will be a better place if people weren't such haters... if we just preferred love to hatred.. Unbelievable!


I agree with the Sports Gal. angie has a history of walking off with other women's men. 'cause she can't find a single one of her own. awww, poor angie NOT!


Who cares what the Sports Gal thinks she should hope that her negative stance does not have a boomerang effect.

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