The Sports Gal Doesn't Like Angelina Jolie

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Last week, The Sports Gal - wife of columnist, Bill Simmons - was in a festive mood.

This week, she's putting coal in the stocking of a certain celebrity. And it's not Rosie O'Donnell. To hear her say it ...

Backstabbing Jen!

I used to really like Angelina Jolie. Ever since she starred in Gia, I admired her flawless natural beauty, as well as the many character flaws that made her more likable and less threatening overall.

Maybe she was a recovering drug addict, a cutter, a brother kisser, and a blood vial-wearing skank who looked like she showered once a week, but she didn't care what others thought and was totally comfortable going out in public without tons of makeup on. So that made her likable, at least to me.

Then everything changed: She adopted Maddox, became a goodwill ambassador, started making normal movies and slowly made everyone forget that she was crazy. Next, she seduced and stole the husband of one of the most likable female celebs, adopted another baby with her stolen man, then had his biological child months before his divorce was even done.

But what really turned me into a full fledged Angelina hater was this month's Vogue article about her, with Angelina smugly pushing for peace talks between her and Jennifer Aniston, even having the gall to say, "That would be her decision, and I would welcome it."

If I were Jennifer Aniston, I would welcome it, too. Then I would meet Angelina for lunch and repeatedly smash a chair over her head.


Well, if Brad left because he wanted kids...he sure got some and quickly! I loved the article. It's called freedom of speach. Angelina seems so fake and Brad seems like her little Bitch. I don't give this marriage another year. I also think Jen is too smart to even go there again with Brad. She deserves better. Could you imagaine dating Brad and dealing with the evil x wife?!

Avatar know,who cares what the frickin sports gal thinks?She's not actually important.I mean,trying to spoil other's reputation while trying to build your own?She IS a whore...also-angelina did nothing wrong.brad simply got bored of jen..who wouldn't?


Hollywood is nothing but no talent sluts and whores. These two don't help matters. Hollywood is slipping down hill fast and will soon be dead. They are boring, overrated, untalented, crappy movies. cheating the public and driving society down the tube. People get over Hollywood Celebs they are nothing. Good entertainment is a thing of the past. Turn of the damm t.v. and quit going to movies try a stage play or read a book. You all are brain dead.


my opinion of angie.ange.ang..watever! is very low. she is a home wrecker and a selfish cow. she does not have the confidence of finding her own man but would rather move in to kill another person's happiness. This is karma watever goes around always come around and bite you in the rear. I don't like her coz she is too calculating and mean. Anyway Brad is no better, he did the same with Gweneth Paltrow with Jes


I wold really understand this article if it had been written by Jennifer Aniston. Well, she(Jollie) is only human, funny when she was a mess you liked her, but when she actually got her life on track(that is what people are supposed to do when they have childre)yet obviously shows she is human and not a saint(like ALL of us)i.e. by "seducing and "stealing" the husband of one of hollywod's most likeable female celebs' you dislike her? Notice I put quotation marks on stealing. It amazes me how women like you still think a man actually gets taken away. Well they don't, they want to be taken away and if they want to be taken away he shares FULL responsibility as well. You sound like it was YOUR man that left you for Ms. Jollie. You poor thing, you must feel so threatened....


Yes, she does receive way too much attention for an altruistic choice. But then again jews have never done anything for nothing. Since adopting "Zahara" She's seen as the great white supremacist feminist hope. I find it very odd that she's SOME HOW managed to not talk about her whoring around which lead to the break up of Pitt and Aniston. Like a typical jew when she was asked she became enraged. So, this ambassador crap is just that. She's bought her way in. I hate this opportunistic bitch.


that sounded pretty rude to me, about agenlina stealing ur man, thats an insult to me, no her. if u really love agenlina u would give her some respect, unlike some people. but other then that ur fine. if it sounds to harsh im sry


I asked my mom what incensed meant and i'm danm proud of it, so thanks again.


i meant to put incensed. i typed fast sometimes and don't check wat i type. until it's put on the page then i check it i thought i spelled it right.


Meg: On rereading my last, I couldn't find
the word "decensed". You may have misread something? Please check and let me know.

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