The Hollywood Gossip Asks: Who is Helen Salas?

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She's the first loser of this year's Miss Nevada competition. Or so we thought!

Tuns out that Helen Salas - and her incredible tan - will indeed represent her state in March's Miss USA contest.

How come?

Because the original winner, Katie Rees, is apparently an X-rated exhibitionist, one that may make a worse spokesperson for underage drinking than Anna Nicole Smith would make for sanity.

You know the Miss (Insert State or Country Here) competitions may be in need of modification when Shanna Moakler is the voice of reason.

The former Miss USA has reasonably expressed concern over the fact that many of these girls do not grasp the responsibility involved in actually winning a pageant.

Guess we'll see what Tara Conner learns in rehab.


She looks good but her augmented breasts and lips should not have been allowed in the competition. They should have a separate competition for plastic surgery junkies


she a beautiful ethiopian goddest


Helen is a Goddess. She should've won the Miss USA. I can't imagine anyone in the World more beautiful. I wish she could go on to the Miss Universe,


I am so freaking hot but so vapid and full of plastic surgery! - Helen Salas




helen salas is my role model! everything happends for a reason! when i went to the pageant i knew from then on she should have won. and now look! im soo happy for her


Helen is friendly, gracious and beautiful. She deserves the title.


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