Tara Conner, Party Girl: The Evidence

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Don't believe that Miss USA Tara Conner is a hardcore party-goer that needs help and makes crazy Britney Spears look like Mother Theresa?

We've uncovered visual evidence that showcases the soon-to-be-rehabbing champion at her raucous worst.

Seen here - drinking underage! - Tara is certainly enjoying the nightlife. The picture was taken September 1 in Manhattan and, yes, that's former American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis by her side.

As Conner channels her inner Tara Reid, it's apparent she needs assistance. We commend Donald Trump for stepping in and ordering the crown-wearer to spend time in a rehab facility.

We can only hope the Donald sets his sights on Dina Lohan next.


Who cares she's a hot piece of ass. These girls aren't rocket scientists. And she's no different than a lot of girls her age. They are making her an example in this "PC" age which is crap. Donald Trump is a piece of sh%t anyway theres a guy who should talk.


Tara Conner was NOT "ms america." She was Miss USA. A Miss America would never conduct herself they way the USA girls have in the past.


Constantine Maroulis needs a bath!


I am glad Donald Trump gave Ms.
Conner a second chance. It would have been difficult for her to live down the bad press as a dethroned ms america. Mr. Trump gave her the opportunity to become the role model she should have been. I think she'll do fine.


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Tara Conner earned attention for a lot more than just being crowned Miss USA 2006. The wild child also went to rehab for cocaine and... More »
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