Rose McGowan Offers Advice to Gas Station Attendant

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Was Rose McGowan recently upstaged by a gas station attendant?

And do you, T.H. Gossip readers, even know who Rose McGowan is?

Rose McGowan Photograph

The fiery hot Scream actress and wife of shock-rock sicko Marilyn Manson was pumping gas at a 76 Station on Robinson Boulevard in West Hollywood, where she was harangued by a chatty station attendant who bragged about being on both Entertainment Tonight and in the National Enquirer.

Clearly a celebrity in his own mind. Much like Kevin Federline.

McGowan was totally cool with the guy, who was, shall we say, a tad on the older side, when he asked the actress for some tips on how to avoid the paparazzi. Her response:

"Don't go down Robertson, how's that for a clue?"

She added that convertibles are photographer magnets as well. Lindsay Lohan, take note! She should have also mentioned that it's inadvisable to go clubbing wearing no pants.


errmm...she's not the wife of manson ...It would be hard to believe a news report when all the other information is wrong. ...Dita Von Teese married Marilyn Manson.

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