Rachel Zoe Celebrates Nicole Richie Arrest

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Celebrity stylist and anorexia poster girl Rachel Zoe has been lying low since Nicole Richie fired her last month, but she made a rare appearance in public Wednesday.

Zoe came out out to celebrate Nicole's DUI arrest... er, attend a Dolce & Gabanna benefit for the Art of Elysium. Here's a picture below, courtesy of (and defaced by) Perez Hilton.

Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman Photo

Needless to say, after being bashed on MySpace, and having to watch her former client be dragged through the mud like this, Zoe looks like she could use a drink. And a couple of hot dogs. And a cheeseburger. And a dozen bagels. And an enormous pasta dish. Or 10.


I dont really care. Shes a bitch. but oh fuck me daddy yea. that is what she is gone say when i tare that pussy up!


Yeah sure..Rachel zoe is "naturally skinny"!


Rachel Zoe is no way Anorexic! That is not the least bit true. There are people that are naturally skinny and Rachel is one of them. Can you just stop making other professionals feel bad because you are making fun of someone that has nothing wrong with them. Do you really enjoying bashing other professional people. its really high school. And its not making you look good. No one ever beleives this kind of stuff. Stop doing it just because you want the money its really really low!!


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Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman Photo
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