Rachel McAdams Goes Pink

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A lot of actresses dye their hair. Cameron Diaz comes to mind.

Typically, however, we're looking at a blonde going brunette. Or vice versa. It's a rare case when a beautiful brown-haired star trades in her dark locks for ... pink. But Rachel McAdams has dared to go where few others ever have.

McAdams in Vogue

Now that she's (possibly) engaged to Ryan Gosling, perhaps the Wedding Crashers actress simply doesn't care about her looks anymore. Or perhaps she's aware that a face like that goes with any hair color.

Either way, we're on the McAdams bandwagon. She's everything that Anna Nicole Smith is not.


No matter what hairstyle she chooses, she is goin to look good.. Rachel is like an angel in my eyes! Her smile enlightins my heart everytime i c it.. Just ryan better treat her like the angel she is and i believe he will because he seems like a pretty good guy!!


Rachel looks with ne color in her hair! All i know is ryan better treat her right or me and him will have probs!


i love u Ryan Gosling


you8 know all she wanted was to dye it pink... just for the hell of it


She is beuatiful no matter what she does! The notebook remindes me of my bf and i. Ryan and Rachel were ment to be together!


omg! ryan and rachel were meant to be together,, whenever i watch the notebook, i still get thrilled with their sweetness and cuddles,, i'm missin my bf everytime i get to watch it... its cool they get to date and hopefully get married... love her!!! with ryan!


i completely adore her beauty, if she wants to go neon green and run down the road naked she could get away with it and start a fad along with it!!!!


I absolutely LOVE HER! She can never do anything wrong!


i think she's just trying something new for herself because she's outgoing like that, or she's prepping for a new role ina movie...she looks good in any hairstyle!

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