Rachel Bilson Misses Adam Brody, Most of Sweater

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Okay, maybe she's glad Adam Brody is out of the picture. The guy is kinda whiny and has an unhealthy obsession with comic books.

But is that any reason for Rachel Bilson to take out relationship frustrations on an innocent sweater? It looks as though the actress has chopped off more than half of the garment in the image below.

Rachel Bilson and Sarah Michelle Gellar

Perhaps it was a symbolic gesture to show how many viewers The OC has lost since its first season on the air.

Or maybe that's how Zach Braff likes his ladies to look. Who knows. But we can say one thing for sure. To the doggy by Bilson's side: run!!!


dats just soooo mean...she just broke up....n here u r busy bashing her wardrobe??? u know sumthing rachel bilson duznt care wut u think n neither do we....so i think u shud go n get a lyf!!


totaly agree..I mean Rachel looks perfect almost all the time and know she has just broke up with her boyfriend and you start talking badly about her clothes!, I mean , come on! I agree with "Marissa", they are humans just like us. Maybe they are examples of beauty but that doesnt mean thay are people! By the way FINALY I met people (you) that defend her, I mean how could someone be so mean!-.. some one has her postal code or e-mail so that me and my little sister can write to her?? thanks


look you guys i get that you love gossiping and saying stuff about people is what you do. But sometimes it´s better just to leave it alone for a while and who knows maybe somebody gave it as a present to her may zach braff who knows! but what i´m saying is she might be going through a hard time and we are gossiping talking bad about her


OMG seriously i agree with everybody else! Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton are extremly gorgeous no matter what they wear and im so tired of people bashing them! Do you always look perfect? Do you always have designer outfits just waiting for you when you jump out of bed? Someday people will have to learn that even though there celebrities there still people- no better or worse then the rest of us.
Get a life Hilton Hater.


Seriously what the hell is your problem? Have you never gone through a breakup before, like give the girl a break. Just b/c for one moment she doesnt look absoloutly perfect [as she usually does] doesnt mean you need to catch her on it! Also not only has the O.C. not lost viewers since its arrival,ITS GAINED THEM!!!! So why dont you do me a favor? Go walk around looking like crap as you probably always do and take pictures of it to display to all the world. Ill be there laughing.


i agree summer noes she should b with brody even though i luv brody so much adam and rachel should b together yer dont b slack who cares wat she wears OC may b goin down hill but oh well its still on nd if it does get taken of i wont b happy they'll get bak together i hope!!!!!!!1


i dont care about what she is wearing....just the fact that you believe the OC is going down hill. True fans understand, adam and rach will be back together in no time, there like the centre of the universe!!!


Love is mean. Orlando Bloom had broke up with Kate Bosworth. Now Rachel broke up with Brody. C'mon. Poor guys. Anyone knows about his lifes, that's not my business, but it's kind of strange...


Dont be so mean! She just broke up with her boyfriend after being with him for two years and your bashing her wardrobe?! Come on, give her a break. Shes going through a hard time. Oh yea and The OC has NOT lost its most loyal viewers, which includes me!

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