Photo Finish: Vanessa Minnillo vs. Eva Longoria

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Forget her match-ups with Jessica Simpson.

Vanessa Minnillo has moved on to another cuteness competition. The beauty in blue (below) is now involved in a foxy face-off with another sexy starlet.

Awesome Eva Longoria

And Eva Longoria appears to like the same outfit in pink. But the question remains, Hollywood gossip followers:

Which look do you like better?


I've always been a fan of Eva Longoria but I love Vanessa Minnillo even more. She's hot, hot, hot!!!


I think that they both look great but i have always been a big fan of eva longoria so violet it is!! Love, Jessica Hruby (your fan)

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Half Nude Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria may be the best looking woman on television. She actually goes by the full name of Eva Longoria Parker now that she's tied... More »
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Anybody in their right mind is for Obama. [As for Sarah Palin], I like her. I think she's smart and intelligent. I don't think I would want her running the country...I'm not going to vote for her because she's a woman. We disagree on a lot of issues and that's why I support Obama and Biden.

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If I have two hours before I have to go to set, I will run to the spa and get a massage and sit in the jacuzzi.

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