Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton: More Than Just Sisters?

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We've already determined that Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are JUST friends. All recent, drunken, naked activity shouldn't be taken as anything more than pals hanging out.

Taking a Bow

But what about Paris and Nicky Hilton?



They're just sisters!

We know, we know. But we've also seen these Hilton sister pictures. And let's just say that Stavros Niarchos may be wondering where he fits in (literally) after viewing such raunchy behavior.

The Hollywood Gossip is all for family affection, but could this be taking it too far?

Could you picture Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in such an embrace? Okay, maybe that's a poor example.

What about Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James?

We didn't think so.


hai paris !! you are so hot !! i really like outfit ! i got you copy the simple life. really fun. and about Nicole! i really loves it !! thanks for visiting i love you !! bitch


mmm "dirty Paris", she looks bisexual and probabbly having an incest relationship with her own siter, not just a game to me,what do you guys think???? both are hot..


well they are just really comfortable with each other and really close.


ummm the last pic, it may look wrong at that ANGLE but her foot is probably totally on the other side of her sister and not in her sister


Hello ladies welcome to Australia you Should fly your sexy bodies up to BrisyVegas an strut your fine asses round from the SC to the GC we welcome the,anytime


hahaha get inx


hey OMG im such a big fan of the hilton sisters=]
i luve them well thats all i wanted to say AWWW i luve them so much there both so sexy,cute and great partie starters:L


they feel close to each other (sisterly). they had a little to much to drink, and they feel comfortable around each other. BUT SERIOUSLY THEY ARE HOT!!!!
i'd love to be in bed with them when their drunk!!


They are not being anything like sisters, they were drunk and acting out of their minds. Who knows what they did later on at home? hmmmmm! Whatever it is they were doing, i'd love to join. ha!


they are just being sisters!!! they are comforatble around each other. Please get your mind out of the gutter. i usually dont defend Paris but I just see two sisters who know each other pretty and acting like it!

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