Pamela Anderson to Howard Stern: Kid Rock is a Liar

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Pamela Anderson called in to the Howard Stern radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio on Thursday morning to clear the air about her split from Kid Rock.

Here is a partial transcript from the interview, during which the Baywatch star defended herself against accusations that her partying made her a bad mother:

Please Retire

Howard Stern: "It was reported that you were deciding between [Tommy Lee] and Kid. Is that true?"
Pam: "No, no, god no!"

HS: "Do you still bang Tommy, when was the last time you banged him?"
Pam: "No, no, it was a long time ago, I don't even remember. That wasn't it … I think I just got swept up and I wanted to have a family for my kids, but you remember really quickly when you get back together why you're not together."

HS: "It was reported that he was really upset about your role in Borat, that he was screaming at you..."
Pam: "He was unhappy about that. I don't know why - you'd have to ask him - but he really was very unhappy about that."

HS: "I don't understand, if I was your boyfriend, I would have been so excited for you."
Pam: "Thank you, that's what I'm looking for. Someone who is excited about me. This just didn't work out that way."

HS: "Now he said, his camp said that part of the problem was that you were always out partying and drinking (i.e. pulling a Britney Spears) and he was at home babysitting."
Pam: "No, no, he's never been alone with my kids. That was horrible, I think that's what upsets me the most because I am home with my kids all the time, or my parents are here from Canada. I don't even have a nanny."

HS: "Are you happy you miscarried and didn't have Kid Rock's baby?"
Pam: "That's horrible, no. Everything happens for a reason and now we're all here and we're back to normal. It's like it never even happened."

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please send me the sex film for pamela anderson , and britney spears

@ polo ralf

I think this OLD situation was SAD. Pam and Bob went from being friends to haterid. Spoiled women should not get the good Men EVER.