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It appears you can... assuming Kanye West deems you worthy of even being in the same room as Kanye West. In yet another shameless cry for attention, the petulant brat egomaniacal rapper showed up at a party thrown by Fendi, a trendy fashion designer, in Tokyo this week. With his head as a billboard.

Kanye on Set

One can only wonder what person lucky enough to call herself the Kanye West fiancee is thinking right now. Or whether West would consider renting out his dome to anyone. T.H. Gossip isn't sure how it feels about this. On the one hand, it looks cool. Someone like Paul McCartney couldn't pull it off. It seems like we should be in awe of Kanye.

But conversely, isn't he supposed to be at least semi-hard? You'd never catch Suge Knight doing that kind of thing... and we are terrified of Suge Knight.

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Britney Spears' first husband, Jason Alexander, is writing a tell-all book about their 55 hours of wedded bliss, as well as what it was like to grow up with the star in Louisiana.

Yes, the book will talk about how Jason tapped that ass (or, as he likes to call it, practiced makin' critters). And yes, Britney Spears knows about the book. And yes, it will upset her.

Britney Spears, Pink Bikini

"Britney knows about it," Alexander said of his literary work. "There are things in the book that will upset her. It does feature having sex with her and what that was like."

Presumably, Mr. Alexander agreed to this here book deal before everyone else saw Britney Spears nude as well. Some publisher is kicking itself right now.

Jason and Britney married in Las Vegas in January 2004 and annulled the marriage less than three days later. We've gotten ahold of some bits and pieces from the book below.

We especially enjoy where he notes that Spears married that ass clown Kevin Federline because he was simply "in the right place at the right time."

As if he is one to talk, really.

On his feelings for Britney:

"I have always loved her and I always will. It's best for everyone that Kevin and her have split. She is much more confident now."

On her marriage to K-Fed:
"He's just a lucky guy who was in the right place at the right time. When I married her I knew she was rich but I did love her. I wanted her. If she had stuck with me it would have been so positive."

On Britney's kids:
"I am really surprised at the speed at which they had [Sean Preston and Jayden James] �" but it has always been a matter of time."

On Britney Spears' plastic surgery:
"She had a tummy tuck after the birth of her second child. She's working on all of that. She's worth hundreds of millions �" of course she looks good."

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Forget the possible engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton for a second. We have actual marriage news!

Dancing With the Stars alum Willa Ford told Us Weekly that she's engaged to NHL star Mike Modano.

Willa Ford Nude Pic

''We were out to dinner the other night, and I think he had it with him the entire night,'' said Ford, most likely talking about a ring and not the humiliation of being a professional hockey player . ''He was really nervous. Then right before we went to sleep he asked me and I said, 'Yes!'''

Of course, this is not the first time a celebrity has said "yes" to an NHL participant. Paris Hilton got it on with goalie, Jose Theodore, a few months ago.

And that's not all Ford and Hilton have in common. Each dated former Backstreet Boy and current loser, Nick Carter. In fact, he was Willa's first in bed.

(See, this is the sort of insight you can't get from that lawbreaker, Perez Hilton.)

Ford said the couple, who met at an event for the hockey star's charitable foundation, has been dating on and off for more than four years in a mostly long distance relationship. They'll get married after the current hockey season ends.

As if anyone will notice when that happens.

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We don't have an exact tagline. But something like this could work: The Hollywood Gossip: Lawsuit Free and Lovin It!

Unfortunately, for blogger Perez Hilton (aka Mario Lavandeira), the same cannot be said.

Perez Hilton Body

A photo agency is suing the celebrity kisser-upper for copyright infringement. The company claims Perez used their images on his website "without permission from the agency, thereby violating federal law."

The plaintiff is seeking over $7.5 million dollars in damages from Perez for what they say is a loss of profits and injury to their reputation. We're seeking recognition from Hilton for scooping him on the Lindsay Lohan in AA story.

The photo agency believes their pics have played a large part in the success and profitability of Perez's website,, which reportedly charges between $9,000 and $16,000 a week for ad space.

Evidently, it costs a lot to appear next to nude Britney Spears pics or a pissed off Kimberly Stewart.

Perez told TMZ: "I have yet to be personally served with this lawsuit. My lawyers and I will address the situation when we have the opportunity to review the materials."

Give it up, Hilton. You've been served by The Hollywood Gossip for months now. Have fun shopping at Payless with Brooke Hogan.

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Could - gulp - Lindsay Lohan be cleaning up her act?

After a week of late night partying with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, Lohan may finally be seeing the sober light. And it's making The Hollywood Gossip staff very sad, if so.

Lindsay Lohan Cleavage

According to Page Six, Ms. Firecrotch herself was spotted at a 7:30 a.m. AA meeting on Wednesday morning near her apartment in the Sierra Towers. Granted, she was probably wasted and just made a wrong turn on her way home.

But a Lindsay pal confirmed to the New York PostL "She has attended several meetings and has hopefully decided to turn her life around - this time for good. She is out of control."

We disagree. Lindsay was a perfect role model of how not to behave for her sister, Ali Lohan.

The 20-year-old actress is filming The Best Time of Our Lives with Keira Knightley for the next five weeks. She may not be having the most enjoyable time of hers, however, as Lohan was seen toting the A.A. tome, "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions" while clubbing in London on November 20.

Yes, while clubbing. This is akin to Anna Nicole Smith carrying around a guidebook for the Bahamas while packing.

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