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The loathing between a pair of sexy Laguna Beach alumni hasn't dissipated one bit since they graduated high school in 2005. If anything, the drama has intensified.

Yes, we're talking about Lauren Conrad (below, left) and Kristin Cavallari (right), a pair of beautiful ladies from Laguna Beach, Calif., best known for playing themselves on TV and dating the same guy - at least twice, perhaps three times.

The Hills Stars

First, in school, it was Stephen Colletti. Afterwards, it was Brody Jenner, the so-called Prince of Malibu. Then, depending on who you believe, it was Jason Wahler - Lauren's ex, who Kristin was recently spotted with and may or may not have tanged.

The tension is mounting faster than they can mount guys. So when the pair showed up at the launch of VW's Tiguan SUV in L.A. this week, you knew $h!t was gonna go down.

As it turned out, LC's date, Greg Carney, bumped into Nick Zano, who many of you know is Kristin's latest boy toy. They got into each other's faces, and security personnel had to separate the two MTV stars.

"I thought it was just an act, but those girls really do hate each other," a witness recounted.

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Look, we're not on the side of Michael Richards.

The guy obviously has some anger and tolerance issues.

He makes Tom Cruise seem somewhat calm and normal.

But to the two men Richards offended during his racist rant last month at the Laugh Factory: get over yourselves.

You're not the first people to ever be insulted, you won't be the last. What, exactly, did you have to gain by appearing on national talk shows?

Oh, right, this heartfelt apology from the former Seinfeld star and your lawyer, Gloria Allred:

Michael Richards would like to apologize in person to the gentleman with whom he had the exchange in the club.

After discussions with Gloria Allred, an attorney who represents the man and three others who were with him that night, Michael has agreed that they will all meet in the presence of a retired judge who will facilitate the meeting and help the parties resolve this matter. All concerned are hopeful that a face-to-face meeting will be constructive and begin the necessary process of healing and closure.

Isn't that sweet? The chances that these fools aren't actually after Richards' money instead of this prepared statement are about as strong as the Kevin Federline reality show taking off.

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Lindsay Lohan needs a drink after the GQ Men of the Year party. Oops, should we not say that anymore?

A source at the shindig in LA said that the 20-year-old actress "flipped out" when she saw her former assistant at the party with her new boss, Jessica Biel.

Yet Another Court Visit

"If she stays, I'm outta here! I can't look at that girl! I can't believe you would allow an assistant in here - she doesn't belong in here!" Lindsay reportedly screamed.

Biel's new boyfriend, Derek Jeter, may or may not have bashed Lohan's head in with a baseball bat, but her rants were pretty much ignored by everyone at the party.

Almost everyone else.

Apparently, Will Ferrell, was overheard telling Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio and former Vice President Al Gore, "Who cares about that freak anymore, anyway?"

Yes, Al Gore. There's no word on how Barack Obama feels about Lohan, however.

Meanwhile, Firecrotch's rep insists this incident "does not sound like Lindsay." Right. And being Asian doesn't sound like Suri Cruise.

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A romantic honeymoon in the Republic of Maldives ended this morning for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who took their precious baggage to the airport. They also brought along their cute little Asian baby, Suri Cruise.

Suri Eyes Bounty

The family was reportedly heading home on Cruise's private jet. Much as we love bashing TomKat, we have to say that this impromptu family portrait is awfully cute. Except for the fact that Katie looks topless and like she's a zombie possessed and controlled by Scientology operatives. Sorry, couldn't resist. Loons.

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It's been a crazy day for Britney Spears' ex-husbands, past and future.

Earlier today, we told you about Jason Alexander, hubby of Brit for all of about 55 hours, and his plans to release a tell-all book about Spears. Now, House of Carters Executive Producer Kenneth Crear tells Us Weekly that he is currently working on producing a reality show with... K-Fed.

Fat Kevin Federline Photo

"It's true," Crear said, adding that he started negotiations with partner Billy Rainey and the Kevin Federline management team (talk about a crappy job).

"We are in talks about this. Kevin came to me because he liked the way I shot the House of Carters series and the way I made Nick Carter look real and trustworthy. I gave people a different perspective of him and made people really respect him," Crear said.

Crear confirms that they are looking at a couple of different networks, but insists the project is in the beginning stages. He denies that the series will feature K-Fed engaging in Britney bashing.

"Kevin doesn't dislike or hate Britney," Crear said. "The show will show him for who he is but [will] not smear her. It was just a marriage that didn't work out, but it will show who he is beyond that."

Crear also says they are looking at an eight-episode deal that will be shot over three months, but they haven't started shopping it around yet. No wonder on whether any of the episodes will show K-Fed getting some Grade-C porn star poontang from Kendra Jade.

This is the the dancer and aspirant rapper's second foray into reality TV. Chaotic, Federline's 2005 UPN reality show (with Spears) was widely panned by fans and critics alike. The reason? Too much K-Fed in baggy jeans, not enough nude Britney Spears pics. Sorry. Cheap shot.

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Nude Britney Spears pics?

Can't say we were shocked by those.

But if The Hollywood Gossip staff had to select one female celebrity we could never imagine baring it (almost) all, it would probably be Hilary Swank.

The actress is attractive, after all, but not exactly known as a sex symbol.

Until now.

Following in the naked footsteps of Penelope Cruz, the Oscar-winner posed for the 2007 Pirelli calendar. And someone forgot to dress her in the morning.

The results are a few sensual shots. We're more surprised by these than the photo of Nick Lachey with his arm around a fake moose. But we're proud of Swank for branching out.

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She's not wearing the crown just yet.

So as Kate Middleton waits to be officially anointed into British royalty, she's starting a new job with clothing chain Jigsaw.

The Prince and Catherine

"I can confirm she works for the company, but we're not making any other comment," said a mysterious source.

Middleton's official title is "accessory buyer." On Thursday, therefore, the girlfriend of Prince William could be found brewing tea and fetching drinks and snacks as she assisted on a fashion shoot, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.

Middleton, 24, is frequently photographed wearing Jigsaw. Britney Spears is frequently photographed wearing no underwear and/or hanging out with sketch balls such as Brandon Davis. We're just sayin.

The new job gives Middleton, who has been working on establishing her own children's clothing line (her parents own a kids' party paraphernalia company), a chance to learn about the business.

And it gives us a chance to beg for Kate to help these people look better. We need you in the States, future Queen!

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Looks like somebody's getting a lump of coal this year fo' shizzle.

After a fun shopping spree yesterday in West Hollywood, the lovely Nicole Richie took time to visit Santa. Then, the brittle anorexic "actress" waved to the children standing in line. With just one finger. That we've censored here out of common decency. See below:

A Nicole Richie, Joel Madden Photo

Not only is she flipping the bird in front of a bunch of little kids, if you look at her lips, it appears as if she's ready to scream "f*%k," or some other word starting with "f." We know "food" isn't an option, as recent Nicole Richie pictures will attest.

Just sickening. Not eating is one thing, but displaying such vulgarity in public (in the presence of little kids) is deplorable. This may not be as stunning as the Britney Spears nude pictures we found earlier this week, but it was more deliberate. Classy, Nicole. Classy.

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While Jessica Simpson is downright frazzled over rumors of a sex tape, her ex-husband seems to be taking it in stride.

Nick Lachey didn't comment on the bare boning of the situation as he took pictures of himself as the new one-third owner of a minor league baseball team.

Photo of Nick Lachey

Indeed, the Tacoma Rainiers, the Triple-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners, can expect to hear numerous 98 Degrees tunes blaring from clubhouse speakers before every game now.

The pop singer was introduced yesterday with fellow co-owners and a plushie Moose named Rhubarb (in case you were wondering). No word on the whereabouts of Vanessa Minnillo.

"Baseball is a true passion of mine, Tacoma is a growing city and I have every intention of playing an active ownership role in the Rainiers as we continue to grow," said Nick.

As active a role as he played in the supposed Jessica Simpson sex tape? We may never know ... unless David Hans Schmidt works his immoral magic.

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Just as it appears Prince William is about to tie the knot, and Rupert Friend may finally suck it up and pop the question to Keira Knightley... another celebrity couple is finalizing its divorce.

Guzzling Tiger Blood

Yes, it's true. Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen are officially single.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marjorie Steinberg has approved their dissolution of marriage, effective as of November 17.

The couple will share joint visitation rights of their two children, Sam, 2, and Lola, 1.

Sheen and Richards were married in a Catholic ceremony at the home of a Spin City producer on June 15, 2002 (Sheen starred on the popular show for two years after Michael J. Fox left).

It was Richards first and Sheen's second marriage. The couple met filming the movie Good Advice in 2001.

While their separation was ugly, the two have warmed a bit in recent months, with Sheen going as far as to say that he "digs" Denise's new man, Richie Sambora. Richards filed for divorce citing "irreconcilible differences" when she pregnant with their second child.

THG NOTE: "Irreconcilable differences" is code for "Charlie Sheen is really addicted to drugs and sex with prostitutes, and I need a restraining order."

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