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Since Britney Spears announced her split from husband Kevin Federline, their respective ex-husband and baby's mama have come out of the woodwork- the former claiming that he received a thinly-veiled threat from the pretty, sometimes pants-less pop princess.

Another Britney Spears Concert Photo

Britney's 55-hour ex-husband, Jason Alexander, appeared with K-Fed's baby mama, Shar Jackson (really, this happened) on "The Dr. Ablow Show," where Alexander revealed a not-so-startling secret.

He claims Britney contacted him by leaving a voicemail saying, "Don't say anything you'd regret." The irony? This is, presumably, just the behavior she was warning against. Alexander is also planning on writing a tell-all book about Spears, and what it was like to get freaky with her and whatnot, so maybe she meant that. So who knows.

The unfortunately named Shar Jackson, who bore two kids with the K-Hole before he ditched her for someone richer and hotter, reportedly fed Fed on Thanksgiving after Brit threw his ass out on the street.

Despite being scorned, she's on Team Kevin now. Shar believes Kevin fears Britney will steal their children (Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline) away from him, saying, "He's scared Britney might take his kids and go to Louisiana and he might never see them."

Come on. Would Mr. Playing With Fire actually care?

When asked for her feelings on K-Fed's "rap career," Shar politely danced around it, never giving her opinion and just wishing him luck. Very coy. Not unlike Kendra Jade vaguely, sort-of denying she had a marriage-wrecking affair with the K-Hole.

The full interview with the two exes airs on Monday ... check your local listings for the time and channel of this show no one has heard of.

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Casino Royale is proving to be a major hit and its suave star, Daniel Craig, is making the global rounds promoting the latest James Bond film. Below is a picture of 007 and his real-life squeeze, Satsuki Mitchell, at the film's Australian premiere.


The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Poster

Craig and Mitchell seem to have great chemistry, just as Mr. Bond enjoys with his on-screen flames. At right is Casino Royale co-star Caterina Murino, the Italian actress who plays Solange. We couldn't find any pictures of the lovely Eva Green at this event, sadly.

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The World's Sexiest Man can do without a leading lady.

But it may be more difficult for George Clooney to deal with the loss of his prized pig.

Pic of George Clooney

Indeed, Max, the nearly 300-pound potbellied pig who lived with Clooney in the actor's Hollywood Hills home, has died. The pair had been pals for 18 years.

"He just died, like an hour ago," Clooney told USA Today over the weekend. "He was as old a pig as the vets had ever seen. I was really surprised because he's been a big part of my life."

The actor and the hog even shared the same bed sometimes, causing women from Ellen Barkin to Julia Roberts to be jealous of the porker.

The actor was out of town promoting his latest film, The Good German, when Max passed away. There was no comment from Kendra Jade on the sad event.

"It has been a bad year for my pets," Clooney said "I had a bulldog that died this year, too. It's strange how animals become a bit part of your family. They really become a big issue with you."

The actor insisted no replacement pig could ever take Max's place. Lindsay Lohan, meanwhile, is reportedly considering turning to hogs once her affair with microphones is over.

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In his first direct comments to the press since his split from Christie Brinkley, her ex says he's "okay," despite going through a "tough time."

That's good. We were really worried that the man who cheated on Christie with his teenage assistant was holding up okay.

"It's a personal time," Peter Cook said Saturday, attending a fundraiser in East Hampton, N.Y. for the Ross School, which their son Jack attends. "It's tough for anyone no matter who you are and tough for your kids, as well."

Brinkley, 52, and Cook, 47, also have a daughter, Sailor, 8. Brinkley and former husband Billy Joel have a 20-year-old daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, and she and developer Richard Taubman have an 11-year-old son, Jack, whom Cook adopted after he and Brinkley wed in 1996.

The couple split in July after 10 years of marriage. The supermodel was said to be devastated after learning Cook had an affair with a teenager named Diana Bianchi.

Brinkley was also at the fundraiser, where she received an award from the school, but she and Cook carefully kept their distance from one another.

"This school is a really unique place," she said. "Alexa spent seven years at this school. My son is in his second year and my daughter Sailor is going to come over as soon as possible."

Alexa, a singer and musician, performed at the event. The supermodel and super mom said it was a special treat to see her eldest child because the two are "like ships passing in the night."

"(Alexa) has been busy touring and running around. She has to leave right after the show to go do a Rolling Stone shoot tomorrow, which is great."

It's great to see Christie moving on with life. She's taken the high road the entire time in regards to her impending divorce, a scandal that is now looking tame in comparison to the respective, drama-filled Reese Witherspoon and Britney Spears sagas.

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It's not enough for Tori Spelling to be a terrible actress. She's dead set on becoming an even worse author, as well.

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star and husband Dean McDermott are getting ready for an Oxygen network reality show that no one will watch, but that's not enough for portrayer of Donna Martin. A memoir is in the works.
Simon & Schuster will publish the book, which promises to be almost as interesting as brewing tea will be for Kate Middleton. Spelling told USA Today that she'll probably enlist the help of a ghostwriter to spice up such stories as her first sexual experience with David Silver.


Meanwhile, Tori has yet to inform her family, with whom she's had a tense relationship, about the book, hoping it "doesn't cause any more damage."

You mean more than already exists between her and her mother, Candy Spelling? The pair has clashed ever since patriarch, Aaron, passed away and left nary $1 million for his daughter.

"I wish things were different. My mother and I have always had a difficult relationship," Spelling said. "There has always been love, and I don't doubt now that there's love."

That's always important, to not doubt there's love between yourself and your mother. We get the feeling Jayden James Federline may be wondering about that now that mommy appears to embrace going commando more than she does going home.

As for the memoir, Spelling says she wants to talk about plastic surgery ("I basically want to lay it out in my terms"), past relationships ("I want to clear up that I was never in a physically abusive relationship, but verbal abuse is just as detrimental"), and her treatment in her father's last will and testament.

We don't care about any of it.

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He made news when he came out of the closet.

Now Lance Bass is making news of a different kind.

Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer Photo

It appears as though the former boy band member and his boyfriend, Reichen Lehmkuhl, are no longer an item. A source said:

"They had been fighting a lot lately. They tried a lot of things to make it work - even opening up the relationship - but they would just fight all the time towards the end. It wasn't working."

That's too bad. At least Borat wasn't involved in any way, however. Neither Lance or Reichen has been spotted out with any other hottie, so maybe there's still a chance for these two.

Until then, we'll have to get by with news on other celebrity couples, such as Satsuki Mitchell and Daniel Craig.

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Last week, we learned about an alleged affair between Kevin Federline and Kendra Jade, a chesty brunette and former adult film star. Speculation has been running rampant over whether the pair indeed have a sexual history and whether that played a role in K-Fed's impending divorce from Britney Spears.

Yesterday, Kendra Jade's official site contacted T.H. Gossip, informing us of the porn star's position (heh, heh) on the issue. We're grateful that Kendra's people contacted us, but trying to decipher her official statement is like trying to find body mass on Nicole Richie. Hard.

Here's Kendra's ambiguous statement:

"I'm disheartened by reputable news outlets, such as CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. I expect real journalists to have the integrity and ethics to verify facts and contact all parties involved before running stories like this.

Kevin Federline and I share the same circle of friends, so it is inevitable that I know him. Perhaps it is my previous career that makes people want to find something salacious.

Most importantly though, there is a family including very young children involved here. I'm sure it's not easy for anyone in this situation, and I wish them all the peace, love and happiness they deserve... I also wish everyone would be more sensitive instead of trying to create the most sensational headline."

While taking shots at those who reported her supposedly tawdry affair with Mr. Britney Spears, Jade never issues an actual denial - just vague criticism of the organizations who broke the story. If it were really untrue, wouldn't you think she would just say so?

And would she mind telling us how, exactly, it's "inevitable" that K-Fed knows a C-list porn star? The whole thing is very suspicious. Britney Spears sex tape rumors were one thing. This story sure doesn't seem as fabricated - especially when you see Kendra's t-shirt below.

It's one thing to wish Sean Preston and Jayden James the best, but quite another to get boned by their dad. If you're not a home-wrecker, Kendra, come out and say it. Then we'll be "sensitive" to you. Otherwise keep a lid on it, girlfriend!

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Sorry, fans of Dancing with the Stars, you'll have to settle for Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff as the only couple to emerge from this year's program.

Erin Andrew and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

In light of talk that her engagement to hockey player Mike Modano might seem questionable to some, Willa Ford has cleard the air about her relationship with former dancing partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

"Maks and I were definitely close and we still are, but I kept saying that it's going to be a shocker to everybody when they find out (I'm engaged to Mike,)" Ford says. "Every week I told people the truth â€" we were close, we hung out â€" but the show loved to fuel the relationship."

We hope that's not the case for Mario and Karina. They're just too cute together to not actually be in love.

As for Chmerkovskiy:

"We do have chemistry and it was easy for the show to go into that," said Ford, who called Chmerkovskiy to tell him about her engagement personally. "He said, 'you know I'm happy for you. I support you.' So everyone should know that Maks is okay! We'll stay friends and we'll still hang out."

Sounds fishy. Why wouldn't they stay friends? Unless they were involved romantically, no reason to go all Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad on us, is there?

Dancing fans planning to see Ford and Chmerkovskiy on tour later this month will also be disappointed, as both have pulled out of the lineup.

"I decided, prior to the tour rehearsals starting, to pull out of the tour for personal reasons that I wish I could reveal, but I can't," Chmerkovskiy told People magazine. "There are no health issues, my health is fine. But I decided it was not right for me."

Ford then followed suit. And we were left to assume that this couple may have traded more than dance moves for a few months. Ford may owe her fiance a Michael Richards-like apology.

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Having dried up every male resource out there, Lindsay Lohan recenly turned to women.

Females have been running around in a panic ever since.

Lindsay Lohan Handcuffed

Now, however, it appears as though the sister of Ali Lohan has moved on again.

She's opening up her heart (and legs and, in this photo, mouth) to inanimate objects, those less likely to crush her dreams like a sane Harry Morton did a couple months ago.

We feel sorry for the mic shown here.

To paraphrase Kelly Ripa talking to Clay Aiken, we don't know where Lohan's mouth has been.

Actually, that's not really true.

It's more like we don't know where it has not been.

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A couple of dudes on Britney Spears' payroll acted as her reinforcements in Hollywood on Thursday night.

A pair of former Britney Spears backup dancers and her tour choreographer accompanied the newly-single star and party animal into Area nightclub in Los Angeles, where they met up with the rest of the Ho Train - also known as the unholy triumvirate of pain - Paris Hilton and Firecrotch Lindsay Lohan.

Back in the U.S. of A.

While Brit can be seen holding hands with one of the guys, the two are just friends (see pictures below). Same with her and Brandon Davis. At least we hope to God that this is the case.

Britney, Lindsay and Paris spent the night going buck - wild, that is, not naked. Although would you have been surprised? T.H. Gossip certainly would not have been. Spears has clearly gone wild after filing for divorce from Kevin Federline last month, leaving us worried that she's in need of some counseling.

The problem is, anyone who might be close enough to tell Britney to get things in order is also on the payroll, thus not wanting to bite the hand that feeds them, so to speak.

Her mother, Lynne, who's being supported by her daughter, has all but given up trying to get Brit to shape up. Father Jamie, meanwhile, has always stayed in the shadows.

Then there's sister Jamie Lynn Spears, who may look a lot like Kristin Cavallari, but is of no help to big sis at this stage. And forget about Brit's first ex-husband, Jason Alexander. That relationship clearly went sour. He's writing a book about her, though.

Could K-Fed have actually been a steadying force in her life, or is this wild streak a direct response to his banging the living hell out of Kendra Jade - or simply acting like a complete ass clown for the 25 months they've been married?

Maybe a little of both. Ultimately, says one source close to the family, "The only person that can stop Britney is Britney."

Don't count on that happening tonight, seeing that tomorrow (December 2) is Brit's birthday. The clubbing is bound to be off the chain tonight! We just pray we aren't treated to a new collection of nude Britney Spears pictures come morning. Our guess is that was a one-time deal, but we're not sure what to expect at this point.

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