Nicole Supports Keith; Kurban Going Strong

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Looks like all is well in the land of Kurban. Or at least moving in the right direction. Nicole Kidman was picked up by recently-rehabbed hubby Keith Urban, from what sources say was some type of support meeting. See below:

Kidman and Urban go Australian

Kidman and Urban exchanged marriage vows in late June ... then a wasted Urban took the Alcoholics Anonymous pledge in late October. Katie Holmes joined the cult Church of Scientology and married Kidman's ex, Tom Cruise, in November.

But hey, they're all on good terms now. Maybe Keith will share the love and recruit Nicole Richie and/or Lindsay Lohan to join him at his next AA meeting.


I pray he makes it through all this and gets tired of the hubbub...not his soul mate...mate...


Keith according to reliable sources should be released from rehab prior to christmas, no worries though mate if Nicole insists on having this big christmas bash and publicity intruding paparrazzi's Keith should be back on the bottle and or in rehab in no time flat!

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