Miss USA, Tara Conner: Decrowned?

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For a country that supposedly stands for freedom, America appears to have no tolerance for the party-going ways of those that represent it. Allow us to explain.

TMZ.com has learned that officials from the Miss USA pageant will make a "major announcement" today and may strip reigning Miss USA Tara Conner of her title due to inappropriate behavior.

Sources tell the site that executives from the Miss USA organization and NBC (which broadcasts the pageant) met Tuesday to discuss Conner and alleged incidents of her inappropriate behavior, including conduct at New York City bars. It appears as though she's been channeling her inner Britney Spears.

While no one from the pageant would comment on the rumored troubles, officials are said to be extremely unhappy with the current Miss USA's conduct in public.

The Hollywood Gossip doesn't believe it. This is America, people! If a gal can't show off her crotch and be mocked endlessly for it her, why have a Constitution at all?!?

Pageant rules say that if Connor is removed, first runner-up Miss California Tomiko Nash will assume the duties of Miss USA.

No offese to Nash, but what hogwash! In the land of the free, home of the brave and native country of the Olsen Twins, any behavior and appearance should be allowed.

What's next, CariDee English being stripped of her title for eating too much? This madness must end.

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