Miss Teen USA, Katie Blair, Given MADD Treatment

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Miss USA Tara Conner may have survived to rule another day, but at least one organization thinks she's tainted the image of little sister/possible lesbian kissing partner.

With that in mind, Miss Teen USA Katie Blair has been let go from her role as spokesperson for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). The company announced yesterday that it has ended its relationship with the 18-year old, saying in a statement:

"We do not feel, at this time, that Ms. Blair can be an effective spokesperson on underage drinking and will not ask her to represent MADD in future initiatives."

It may be hard for Blair to argue her case on this one. It would be akin to Nicole Richie leading the charge for Overeaters Anonymous.

Or Britney Spears being an underwear model. Some things just don't make sense. Anyway, here's a bonus picture of Katie Blair and Tara Conner.

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