Look Out, Donald Trump, Jeff Probst: Oprah Winfrey Reality Shows to Hit Primetime

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We had no idea The Apprentice was still on.

But now it looks as though Donald Trump will have competition for the most powerful person in reality TV programming.

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Talk show and world goddess, Oprah Winfrey, is on her way to primetime. Variety reports that Winfrey has sold two reality series to ABC; both of them, predictably, involve good works and giving.

The first series, called Oprah Winfrey's The Big Give, is an Apprentice-like series in which eight to ten people are given money and resources to try to help others.

Each week, one of the contestants gets eliminated in a kind, loving fashion.

The other Oprah show will be called Your Money or Your Life and will focus on a different family's financial and personal travails each week.

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton heard this title and asked:

"Wait, what's the difference between the two?"


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I like money. It's good for buying things. What you want is money with meaning. Meaning is what brings real richness to your life.

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