Kristin Cavallari + Lauren Conrad = Cat Fight!

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The loathing between a pair of sexy Laguna Beach alumni hasn't dissipated one bit since they graduated high school in 2005. If anything, the drama has intensified.

Yes, we're talking about Lauren Conrad (below, left) and Kristin Cavallari (right), a pair of beautiful ladies from Laguna Beach, Calif., best known for playing themselves on TV and dating the same guy - at least twice, perhaps three times.

The Hills Stars

First, in school, it was Stephen Colletti. Afterwards, it was Brody Jenner, the so-called Prince of Malibu. Then, depending on who you believe, it was Jason Wahler - Lauren's ex, who Kristin was recently spotted with and may or may not have tanged.

The tension is mounting faster than they can mount guys. So when the pair showed up at the launch of VW's Tiguan SUV in L.A. this week, you knew $h!t was gonna go down.

As it turned out, LC's date, Greg Carney, bumped into Nick Zano, who many of you know is Kristin's latest boy toy. They got into each other's faces, and security personnel had to separate the two MTV stars.

"I thought it was just an act, but those girls really do hate each other," a witness recounted.


LC is pathetic!!! Loose some weight~!!! Kristin is ADORABLE!!!!! Why does LC have to go after Kristin's dudes? LC get a life!!!!!!! ASAP>>>>> Can't you find your own boyfriend without Kristin's leftovers??????


Who cares about either of them. They go on mtv on a half scripted reality show and that makes them someone??? Give me a break.


f**k lc!!!! kristen is way better!!! lauren needs to stop takin kristen leftovers!!! stupid follower!!!


LC ROCKS! Kristen needs to go do SOMETHING with her life and stop hatin on LC~


j'aime les deux mais comme meme plus lauren car bref


me i love lauren kristin se la pete tro


so lauren actually hates krostin? & Kristin hates lauren? FOR REAL. not like teenage soap opra acting? o_0 SHOCKING.

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