Kristin Cavallari + Lauren Conrad = Cat Fight!

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The loathing between a pair of sexy Laguna Beach alumni hasn't dissipated one bit since they graduated high school in 2005. If anything, the drama has intensified.

Yes, we're talking about Lauren Conrad (below, left) and Kristin Cavallari (right), a pair of beautiful ladies from Laguna Beach, Calif., best known for playing themselves on TV and dating the same guy - at least twice, perhaps three times.

The Hills Stars

First, in school, it was Stephen Colletti. Afterwards, it was Brody Jenner, the so-called Prince of Malibu. Then, depending on who you believe, it was Jason Wahler - Lauren's ex, who Kristin was recently spotted with and may or may not have tanged.

The tension is mounting faster than they can mount guys. So when the pair showed up at the launch of VW's Tiguan SUV in L.A. this week, you knew $h!t was gonna go down.

As it turned out, LC's date, Greg Carney, bumped into Nick Zano, who many of you know is Kristin's latest boy toy. They got into each other's faces, and security personnel had to separate the two MTV stars.

"I thought it was just an act, but those girls really do hate each other," a witness recounted.

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I love Kristen Cavallari, she's beautiful and she's thin, even though that's not everything, stop calling her fat, you people are blind? She's amazing ♥


kristin is a total useless stupid bimbo. what a wannabe. and Lauren does not intentionally date Kristin`s exes, it just so happens that Kristin dates anyone who looks like a guy. How desperate is that! no life, no work, no career, no dignity.. no nothing. big boobs, no brains, not even pretty. how unlucky.


i dont give a f**k bout who's prettier or fatter or who their datin (but lc should b wif stephen) when it cums down 2 it lc is a betta perosn nd will get furtha in lyf. lristen will jus keep makin enemies wile lc will make fwends and kristen can b realli mean sumtimes and its so slak


i guess the two hate each other even more than i thought. but still, i'm all for team LC, she's better than kristin in so many ways!


I like LC and not Kristen. I think that LC is so much nicer than Kristen. Either way Kristen was a bitch at times. Overall I like LC.


don`t u think they have a great life??? Let`s face it- dating guys who are not worth it is not a problem! That`s a pleasure!!! C`mon- they`re young, rich and it seems like they really don`t have anything else to do than hate each other so let`s watch & enjoy... go LC!!!!!!!


I think that who ever is saying that the two girls are "FAT" are being hater's...lets get it straight the two of them are both real the way that kristin comes off on the show is probly not how she realy is! i love LC and kristin both and i watch the HIlls DAILY. so the peson yall realy should be hattin on is hedie now she is dumb the way lc and kristin are both beautiful and they should not be fighting over guys that are worthless..brody is cute but he is a player lc should be with stephen if anybody! SO ALL YOU PEOPLE HATTIN ON MY GIRLS NEED TO GET A LIFE 4REAL!!!


lauren should be with stephen her god friend
to make them jealous or talan kristen may be jealous they both need to teamup together and see whast each knows and turn on the me as a group female power is beautiful


Kristin is a player wannabe and needs to lose weight she looks absolutely disgustin in mini skirts. LC is a role model and alot better lookin than plain jane kristin


What the hell!! LC is not fat!! Although I think they are both slim, kristin is definately bigger than LC. At least LC has morals and she doesnt chase after kristins scraps its just that kristin plays around available or unavailable guy so its impossible to date someone that hasnt been with that tart

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