Jenna Jameson Happy With New Man, Tito Ortiz

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Seems like it's everywhere these days in the world of The Hollywood Gossip. Not that we are complaining, mind you - it's just a little bit strange.

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On one hand, you have the guys who can't watch enough of it (Craig Schelske, Charlie Sheen, et al.) and the wannabe amateur stars, those who pull ridiculous, raunchy stunts just to stay in the public eye. Oh come on. Not even a ditz like Britney Spears is dumb enough to go clubbing with no pants on by accident.

Then there are the actual practitioners of the world's oldest profession, who seem to grab more than their fair share of headlines. Kendra Jade may have played a role in Britney's divorce from Kevin Federline. And who would have guessed that Mary Carey not only has a name similar to a certain pop star - she has sex for a living!

Then, most recently, the most famous adult film star alive, Jenna Jameson, was back in the news after being officially divorced by her husband. She's already in a new relationship with Ultimate Fighter, Tito Ortiz, a seemingly nice gentleman who we would definitely try to avoid f*%king with. But it's good to see she's into him, whatever her reasons might be.

Seriously, look at the guy's dome. It is monstrous. That piece probably has its own gravitational pull. If he weren't the type of man who could snap us in two, we would make many more offensive jokes as his expense right now. But alas, he is. And we have a soft spot for Jenna, too. Good luck Tito and Jenna, from all of us!


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Actually, according to Jose Canseco, combined use of HGH and testosterone increased the size of his member. If growth hormone works on the head, hands, feet, overall bone structure, etc., then it's not outside the realm of possibility for it to work on one's member.


Has anybody every noticed that Tito Ortiz's head keeps growing every year. Notice how it was smaller when he first started fighting....hello...the guys takes enough HGH(human growth hormone) to kill a horse. Thats the only way this guy can compete and stay strong and lean. Its all HGH. That's why his jaw and head are huge and have gotten bigger over the years. Too bad that HGH won't do any wonders for his Penis. If anything it will make it smaller. Poor Jenna.


That's funny! BTW... love your blog...
Care to do a link swap of I can visit you more often? Anne

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