Famke Janssen is an Angel for Animals

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If you've seen those American Express commercials, you're aware that the life goal of Ellen DeGeneres was to work with animals.

We don't know if Famke Janssen can say the same thing, but she's standing up for our four-legged friends nonetheless.

Unlike other celebrities that have felt the wrath of PETA - Beyonce and Madonna come to mind - the X-Men actress is starring in ads that ask people to protects pets around the world.

While The Hollywood Gossip staff does believe there are more important issues out there than animal safety, you can't blame a hot actress for making her views known.

When we look at certain famous people and their dogs, you can't help but love them, too.


I wonder why it was necessary to state that your staff believes there are more important issues out there? What was the point of that? It just made you and your staff look ignorant.
How can one person define what issue is more important than the other. It is all one's own personal opinion. And because in your opinion animals rights are not as important as other issues it does not deserve attention? You should be praising anyone who is making an effort to do good in this world, whether or not you deem it as an important issue. Our world needs a lot of work, and any issue that is benefiting those involved -- whether it be animals, humans, the environment.. is an important one, and your snarky comment about there be more important issues was not needed.


I think you should not be cruel to animals
look after them show them you care
so much about them make them feel
loved feed them give them some
exercitize by taking them for a walk to the
park most of all give them the respect
be mans best friend.


Hey. First of all this new peta ad looks awesome. thanks for showing the world this beautiful poster. Animal Rights is a hot issue and definately an important cause. Wish everyone a happy, fun and compassionate holidays. peta and Famke Janssen rock!


You should encourage your staff to do their homework and read a little more. Animal Issues ARE as important as any issue on this planet. I am not surprised that your staff has this antropocentric and self centered views..Ask them why they thinik other(they meant human issues)are more important? Oh Dear Hollywood Gossip..well what can I expect form such an intelectual Bunch... Well at least you should wake up and smell the coffee ...Animal Rights IS here now and there are more and more people getting the picture... Would you please stop being Square?? Long Live Animal Rights!!


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