Donald Trump Bashing of Rosie O'Donnell Tour Continues

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Rosie O'Donnell may wish to think twice the next time she criticizes Donald Trump.

After all, take a look at the barrage of insults that has resulted from Rosie's critique of how Trump handled the recent Tara Conner controversy:


To Larry King on CNN: "Disgraceful, a horrible human being, a terrible person ... a loser. Her magazine failed. The ratings for her show were terrible. They basically threw her off the air. ... She is not a good person. She makes false statements. She's a bully."

To the FOX News Channel: "(View executive producer) Barbara Walters, in my opinion rues the day she put that animal on her show."

To the Los Angeles-based TV show Good Day L.A.: "Maybe she wanted to put the crown back on Miss USA's head. I think she's very attracted to Miss USA so she probably wanted to put the crown on her head herself."

To the New York Post: "She's an extremely unattractive person who doesn't understand the truth. ... I think she's a terrible person ... She has failed at everything she has done...She's a bully and she sucker punches people."

Gotta love The Donald. We're begging Rosie to say something now about Katie Rees in order to start a new round.

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Donald Trump is disgusting. Anyone who isn't DISGUSTED with the way he talks about women should be ashamed of themselves. I'm firm believer in karma and I can't wait to see him get his!! He's just jealous because Rosie is successful on all her shows and he can't buy that kind of talent.


I learn about this guy in 11th grade he sucks and he is harsh to people when he is booted then of his show. plus he's boring, stupid, and he sucks, and i'm not afried to say it ethier. YOU REALLY SUCK TRUMP-PID.


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You would think that trump would have a mirror with all his "billions".  Perhaps he should look in one before calling anyone ugly or fat.  The only reason attractive women even speak to Trump is b/c of his "billions". That's irony for him. *LOL*