Daniel Craig, Satsuki Mitchell in Australia

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Casino Royale is proving to be a major hit and its suave star, Daniel Craig, is making the global rounds promoting the latest James Bond film. Below is a picture of 007 and his real-life squeeze, Satsuki Mitchell, at the film's Australian premiere.


The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Poster

Craig and Mitchell seem to have great chemistry, just as Mr. Bond enjoys with his on-screen flames. At right is Casino Royale co-star Caterina Murino, the Italian actress who plays Solange. We couldn't find any pictures of the lovely Eva Green at this event, sadly.


Sigh... There go my DC fantasies! They are going to have very angular children.


Satsuki!! Are you kidding me? She's a total dog!! Wow, it is unbelievable that HE would go to the dog kennel to get that one! What was he thinking? Did she stalk him until he went out with her? Me love you long long time Danny! Maybe she lets him bind her feet for her.


Satsuki is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! And I want that dress! :) She looks lovely - they make such a cute couple.


Ummm...why is Daniel hugging that man?
Caterina is stunning!

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