Celebrity Baby Showdown: Shiloh, Suri & Kingston

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Welcome to the ultimate cuteness showdown. As the year draws to a close, we thought you might enjoy a photo comparison of three of the sweetest humans to join the population in 2006. Talk about a toss-up! We present TomKat spawn Suri Cruise (left), Gwen Stefani's son Kingston James McGregor Rossdale (center) and Brangelina product Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt (right) with her mother.

Suri Cruise and Babar

Three babies. 10 names. Infinite cuddliness. Who would you rather spend time with if you had the chance? It's a complete toss-up as far as T.H. Gossip is concerned, but we will say this much: There is absolutely no way in hell that Tom Cruise is Suri's biological dad. Look at that little Asian cutie! Something's up here.

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Suri is so adorable!
Say what you will, but let the family be.
I actually think she's cuter than Shiloh, who has ginormous lips... but thats no surprise. Haha


Agree with you there, Vanessa. I've seen quite a number of pictures for suri and Shiloh, and Shiloh is absolutely GORGEOUS; she has Angie's thick lips and pretty eyes, high forehead (which indicates good intellectual capacity in the ancient art of face reading), and from what I've heard she's got the sweetest temper too. That's a plus point in a baby, for me. Suri... well her eyes are too far apart, they're single-lidded & she has her dad's weirdly-shaped nose. Not cute at all. The only reason those idiots up there are calling her cute is coz most babies have got large eyes in proportion to their faces, and instincts tells us that's considered cute.


I've seen more photos of these babies, and Shiloh is the most beautiful, then Kingston and Suri is ugly for a girl, her nose is big and her shape of eyes is weird, not asian.


shiloh is really a bit ugly, suri is the most beautiful baby in hollywood, why because her mom is the real beauty.


Shiloh is the most beautiful of all three babies, Just take a look at the most recent photos of shiloh and daddy Pitt out there. Suri is cute, but judging by their most recent pictures out there shiloh definately stands taller just like Angie looks more gorgeous that katie and Brad looks better than Tom. If you don't believe what i see now, give the two babies 2 more years and it will be more abvious shiloh is the winner.


Suri is hideous. Cross-eyed hairy creature,doesn't look anything like a girl and in japanese,Suri means pocket thief.:))


i think kingston is so cute, love his name , hair, face, and i love his style. He is so cute shiloh is ok and suri wont stand a chance. I love Kingston and his Mom Gwen stefani rocks and so does his dad. Rock on Kingston.


Suri Cruise is one of the most beautiful babies ever. But, every baby is cute in their own way. Shiloh is a close second and Kingston is adorable as well, but I hate the mohawk!
My daughters were the most beautiful babies ever, but I'm their mother and that's what I perceive to be the truth! :) Leave those babies alone. they are all cute.


my baby is the cutest baby in the world


have you seen the nose on suri shiloh is beautiful and her resent pictures prove it