Britney Spears: Pill-Popping Dope Fiend?

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Semi-reliable news source In Touch Weekly is reporting that Britney Spears may have made the leap from a mere amateur crotch shot queen and raging booze hound to unabashed, pill-popping dope fiend.

Brit was recently spotted by fellow club-goers in a restaurant bathroom with a purse full of pills, including an anti-depressant, Paxil, and an anti-anxiety drug, Xanax. Britney is said to have been popping Xanax like it's hot - right in front of everyone.

Britney Bending Over

"It looked like a freaking pharmacy in there - I have never seen so many pills," says a witness. "There was a bottle of Paxil, an antidepressant, and a bottle of Xanax, which treats anxiety, that she took out and put on the counter."

You're probably not supposed to mix those drugs, and you're definitely not supposed to drink while using them.

While both drugs mentioned above are legal if you have a prescription, somehow T.H. Gossip doubts Brit got them from her primary care physician. It's far more likely Paris Hilton's pool guy smuggled them up from Tijuana.

This is only the latest event in the ever-evolving Britney Spears train wreck.

On November 27, she dined at Dan Tana's restaurant in W. Hollywood - and had such a nice time that she took a glass of red wine out to her car before hitting the road (below, left).

While she handed the wine to a parking attendant before peeling out, the stunt further called into question her rapidly deteriorating brain cell count judgment.

There's also this explosive news that Kevin Federline is accusing Britney of banging Mario Lopez when she hung out in Vegas with him one weekend. According to The National Enquirer, K-Fed says Britney bragged about how she slept with Lopez, and that she spent the weekend holed up with him in a Vegas hotel.

Hopefully, that's just pure tabloid gossip. Karina Smirnoff, avert your eyes!

Oh, and everyone, hide your illegally-obtained prescription drugs.

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