Beyonce Knowles Wigs Out

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Here's some advice for Jennifer Hudson:

The next time Beyonce calls you overweight, just respond with: At least I don't wear a wig! Then, snap your fingers a few times, swivel your head and walk away.

Obsessed Star

Indeed, the possible finacee of Jay-Z has set herself up for such a comeback after she was either caught wearing a wig recently ... or having some sort of funky skin condition.

Either way, this isn't the most crowd-pleasing Beyonce picture of all time. But it could be worse.

The singer could look like Rip Torn.



It's a mask,wonder what her real face looks like 0.0


i love mhy lace wiqqs they for bad bitches in classy women you have to know how to rock one but also kno how to make it look real in beyonce's hair stylist need a beat down fa dha damn mess up on ha LACE dhats ouddalinee but its a cute wiqq doe its jusss a biqq fucc up because she's a biqq star so is ha husband so haters qet dha fucc off ha she's a MONEYMAKER no tell'n how much she paid for the wiqq!


OMGSH , If Beyonve wants to wear a wig then she can wear a wig , but god daaamn girl, thats some disturbing shit ! but I can't judge her because I done some worser shit than that !


For real!!! stop hating everyone wants to look good but like to hate on those who do. B is young and experimenting with herself image like most young people. All i know is I wear one too and i have got hair , and have been considered quite nice lookin... Nothin to do with the hair it your personality............


c'mon guys, ya'l know beyonce's beautiful even witout ne hair on.. I c noffin wrong wit wearing a lace wig. Cuz I've got mine on 2 as ,bout now!! So Al u haters, ya'l can go put ur noses somewhere else.


why did beyonce sing if i were a boy


"GO GEL" Don't worry about those damn asses, all they do is gossip and jealousy.......Whatever u've got all u want....


Reading some of the negative comments it is obvious that people are very immature and jealous. If B's beauty was based soley on her "hair" or wig then every women with a weave or wig would look like her, clearly we don't. As for Jazzy, someone who was truely beautiful would not need to draw attention to it. The fact you did is a sign of you insecurity. No disrespect but you need get some self confidence that isn't based on tying to degrade others.


oh that sux.
make sure you have a better hair dresser.
he or she made you look like a complete fool.
fix your wig honey :)


beyonce is not the only celeb who does that,if you had knowles-carter money u would do it to

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