Anne Hathaway Pictures... Just Because.

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At The Hollywood Gossip, we tend to gear our postings towards celebrity news, rumors and the like. Nothing makes us happier than the ongoing Tara Conner drama, the latest Britney Spears pictures detailing the escapades of America's favorite train wreck, or a random paternity suit filed against Mel Gibson.

But sometimes, we have to post things just because. Even if they aren't really news. Most recently, we paid tribute to Eva Longoria in this fashion. This time, we have a pair of Anne Hathaway pictures that we came across. Taken from the new issue of Vanity Fair, they were simply too outstanding to pass up. So enjoy... just because.

Oh, Dear!

It's nice to see a photo spread of someone like Anne Hathaway, who, in addition to being so unspeakably, naturally beautiful, has actual talent. Shocking, we know. Essentially, she's the polar opposite of Ashlee Simpson, and we look forward to more films featuring her (not to mention magazine articles).


I know people like that - photogenic beyond belief then not so special up close. She certainly sounds appropriately full of herself enough to be an "actress". There are no more classy glamorous women in movies - or very few to say the least. Claiming she smelled? Come now, keep it to yourself - thats not a detail anyone needs to know.


Anne Hathaway naturally beautiful? Go see an eye doctor immediately. Have you seen her in person? She is so far from beautiful it's mind boggling. Absolutely totally mind boggling how not cute she is in person. It is an utter disappointment, you won't believe your eyes, you can't believe it's her. She photographs phenomenally well. She's the girl whose photo you see, you're psyched and then meet in person and RUNNNN and are go WTF just happened????!!!!!!!!!! She's wronger than RAIN people, FUGLY.


your ASSOME anne, i love your movies i love ELLA ENCHANTED that's my favorite one next to princess diares 1 and 2


Anne Hathaway Biography

Anne Hathaway in Teen Vogue
Anne Hathaway is a classic beauty from New York City. She's a young actress we'll all be hearing a lot more from in the near future. She... More »
Brooklyn, New York
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Anne Jacqueline Hathaway