Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson Call it Quits

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T.H. Gossip called this one from the start.

Or maybe we just enjoyed gazing lovingly at Rachel Bilson pictures so much that we somehow hoped it would happen, much as we believe Adam Brody to be a good guy.

Rachel Bilson for InStyle

Regardless, we have learned that Bilson and Adam Brody have split. The two haven't been seen together for a while, and Life & Style Weekly confirms the on- and off-screen lovebirds, who play a cute couple on The OC and have also dated in real life since 2004, have split.

"They've been done for a few weeks," a friend close to the couple says.

No, that friend is not Zach Braff. Not a chance.

"They are just done. That's all there is to it. There's no drama. They just ended it."

In other words, it's the polar opposite of the Spears-Federline split, in which we've been exposed to everything from Britney's crotch to stories of K-Fed railing the living crap out of some porn star. Not to mention an unhealthy dose of the erstwhile ho train.

The Brody-Bilson bust-up may explain why Adam showed up solo to a party on November 28 for the U.S. premiere of Volkswagen's concept car Tiguan in LA.

"He was definitely acting like a single guy," an eyewitness tells Life & Style.

According to nightlife insiders in L.A., he's been seeing less of Rachel Bilson in PJs and more of ladies at the clubs with his guy friends.

Publicists for the two would not comment on the breakup. Rachel, if you're reading this, half the T.H. Gossip staff is single. Just saying.


I hope he and she end up doing the right thing.


OmG I cant belive they split up and hope they do the wright thing and get back together.


OMG i totally agree with you Leah!!!But u know, u spelt 'right' wrong! LOL


Yes I did wright the last 2 comments and i do love rachel and adam together and i think they love being together!!!


OMG i cant belive they split I loved them together!!!
Your bigest fan,Leah P.Sget back together...You know you want to!!!


I cant belive they split up i love them together and hope they do the wright thing and get back together.


rachel bilson and adam brody.............. omg
they are the cutest couple ive like ever known god y av they split
all i can say is i hope there both happy if there together or apart wateva your both amazing and make the oc!!!


totaly agree....
they looked so good together but,,,well we dont know exactley what happend.. And i agree with you Jessica... marissa was the best!


It´s sad because you guys seemed happy, at least be friends but i wouldn´t want to see rachel and zach i don´t really see them together.


What i don't beleive it thats crazy they are like the cuteist couple!! well everthing happens for a reason so i hope you guys still are friends!! Your Fan, Jessica Hruby
P.S. i can't beleive that coop got kicked off of the oc!! =(

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