Aaron Carter and Kaci Brown: One Week, One Heart

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A lot can happen to Aaron Carter in one week.

The young singer was recently engaged for that period of time before calling off the wedding to Keri Ann Peniche.

Pic of Aaron Carter

Now, the House of Carters star has taken an entire seven days to fall head over heels for another foxy lady: Kaci Brown.

Carter, who turned 19 on December 7, celebrated his birthday Friday night at Shag in Hollywood with his twin sister, Angel. Brown, who opened for the Backstreet Boys during their 2005 summer tour, was on his arm. And in his heart.

"Now I'm in a great relationship. I've only known her for, like, seven days, but I have a connection with her that's like nothing else I've ever experienced," he told People magazine. "It's really amazing."

It sure is. This man bounces back faster than Britney Spears with J.R. Rotem.

Brown is a good friend of Angel's. Now that he's older - a whole 19 years old, in fact! - and wiser, Carter says he's learned a lesson or two about love.

"There's a lot of things I'm gonna change â€" me for one," he said. "Love shouldn't be about jealousy or anything like that. It should be about commitment and being able to trust that person. If you can't have that from the get-go, there's a problem. When it comes to relationships, I think I'm pretty experienced â€" you'd be surprised."

Hey, Aaron, considering that your brother, Nick Carter, supposedly slept with Paris Hilton and Ashlee Simpson, nothing about your family would surprise us at this point.

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no me parese para nada esta relacion, primero con el hermano mayor y luego con el menor. que clase de muyer es?


hey Aaron i am looking for a boyfriend would you be my boyfriend. age:14 addresses:296Caudill rd


good luck for aaron!!! i hope you with be happy.. i'll be happy if i can see smiles in your face.. good luck


i think kaci and aaron make a cute couple i hope aaron has finally found happiness with a girlthat he actualy truely love....i wish them all the best...


hey i love aaron carter and i think he is better off with kaci brown then the other girl he was with i didn't like her. hey aaron if you are reading this then i am 4 days older then kaci sents she was born on the 7th of july i was born on the 4th. will i got to jet talk to you later maybe lol


wow! he like dates every single celeb out there...i wonder who will be next in line too. hope its me-o wait am not a celeb.


wow! he like dates every single celeb out there...i who will be next in line too.


dude im going to marry aaron carter he is mine and he is sexy and cute. he gave me a kiss at ine of his concert


lmao who will the next one be?


thier both attention starved hoes!

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