She's our most gossiped-about celebrity, and certainly the favorite of at least half the staff. So it's only fitting that on the last day of the year 2006, T.H. Gossip offers a brief tribute to the year in Britney Spears, while hoping 2007 brings us more of the same.

The new mom almost killed son Sean Preston more than once. K-Fed became FedEx. New baby Sutton Pierce turned out to actually be Jayden James. Britney went from knocked up to f*%ked up. We got to hear the names Jason Alexander and Shar Jackson again.

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Some may believe New Year's Eve is an amateur, anti-climactic holidays. Others, such as the celebrities below, may believe it's an excuse to party like Britney Spears without any underwear on.

Either way, People magazine and The Hollywood Gossip now deliver the goods on what various famous people are up to this December 31:

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