Zombie Olsen Twins Want to Eat Your Children

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We used to think the Olsen Twins would turn out alright. Okay, that's not true. But we had no idea they would devolve quite this hard. Once a cute pair of child stars, they've been stripped of all that is human, courtesy of a long and hard Hollywood upbringing - and probably a fair share of mind-altering drugs. Now the zombie cyborg freaks are out for blood.

Mary-Kate Olsen of Weeds

Seriously, don't they scare you? They look robotic, more machine than woman, more terrifying than attractive. Ashley Olsen has bigger problems than being on PETA's $h!t list, and Mary-Kate Olsen can forget about parking tickets or losing all her men to the Hilton sisters (speaking of which, wonder how good ol' David Katzenberg is doing these days). They've officially lost their minds.

If you love your children, hide them from the undead. Do so now. These chicks are dangerous. On the plus side, at least zombies get hungry, unlike Nicole Richie.


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i dont get it, why the hell r you talking about them like that? i mean look at paris hilton or britney, they r like 50 times worse! and such sluts.. ive always loved the olsen twins, you should just give it a rest


leave them alone! you're so mean! they are lovely! i like them as they are.


1st of all Ashley is the pretter 1 & Marykate is preety 2 there not scary but Ash is also preetyer because MK has her eating disorder & Ash does not have that disorder. people just need 2 leave them alone they are great young wemon at least there not like paris hillton the slut whoose all ready slept with everbody. i love Mk &Ash i wiss i could meet them or talk 2 them they are beautiful weman

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