The Lights Are Off - and Anna Nicole Smith is Still Home

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Before Anna Nicole Smith worries too much about the final resting place of her son, she may wanna focus on the lights in her house.

Smith has been living with her newborn baby and attorney Howard K. Stern in a residence in the Bahamas owned by former "friend," G. Ben Thompson. But Thompson wants the pair out.

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And last Friday, he contacted the power company rep to pull the plug.

Without warning, Anna had no juice for her hairdryer, no power to watch read The Hollywood Gossip online and find out the latest regarding Jude Law and Sienna Miller. Nothing.

Four hours later, after lots of threats from her lawyer, the power company agreed to a temporary reprieve until today.

On Friday, though, Thompson and his son-in-law flew to the Bahamas and served Smith with an eviction lawsuit. According to, Smith ran back inside the house, then appeared on the balcony and, in classic antebellum style, began screaming:

"You get off this property. This is a gift and I ain't ever leaving. And I'll show you, Ben, you ain't never gonna see the baby again! You did a declaration for that f***head Larry Birkhead!"

We think that quote speaks for itself.


Yes CaliGirl, she is one big Phoney !! As far as her going out on the balconey and screaming that Ben will never see that baby is totally assinine ! Ben could care less about her illigit kid...It's not his, so why should he care !!!! All he wants back is his home !! He was nice enough to let them stay there under certain agreements, (even after she tried to pin the pregnancy on him, no less !!!!) and those agreements were never honored...Anna and The Pecker Face (Howard K. Stern) are the Despicable, Dishonest, Ungrateful, Free-Loading Warts ! Ben was not wrong in turning off the electric...It's his house and he can do anything he wants with it, he can plow it down with them in it, if he damned well pleases !! I'm hoping today that he has their "Sorry Asses" arrested and they go to jail...The child to "Child Protective Services" until Larry gets down there to get her !! Larry will make a great dad and Ben gets his house back !


I watched her interview on Entertainment Tonight. She was SO FAKE!!!! She was crying crocodile tears!!! I think she gave her son those drugs and accidentally killed him. It will eventually all come out!


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