Satanic Olsen Twins Miss Halloween By Two Weeks

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Yes, apparently they need to buy some calendars with their dueling $150M fortunes. Halloween's over, losers! In this picture, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are dressing for success... either in the underworld, or some lame party somewhere.

Perhaps they're just trying to put a scare into Paris and Nicky Hilton, who seem intent on screwing their ex-boyfriends. Regardless, these would make some scary ass Halloween costumes. Hopefully they save them 'til next year. We are seriously creeped out. Not as much as when we see Nicole Richie, but close. Check it out:

Nate Lowman Picture

So who's who? If you must know, Mary-Kate Olsen is the Red Devil, while Ashley is Black Death. At least that's what we're calling those crazy, possibly satanic Olsen twins. They sure look ready to suck. Blood, that is.


so.. do you feel better about yourself now?? cause im sure thats the only reason you wrote some crap like this. their not losers!! you are.. god.. BITCH!! people like you make me sick..


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hello itt eszter szerintem nagyon jó ez az oldal .én nagy olsen ikrek rajongó vagyok csak így tovább
puszi eszter


Shut your mouth!! You obviously don't know anything. The Olsen twins are not losers - you are! They are wearing what is known as fashion...ever heard of it?...didn't think so. Get over yourself and get a life.


very good information about Olsen Twins but thet photo wasn't so qualitative. thet was onely mines...

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